Thirtieth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Let it be known, we have invoked the accursed spirit of the Kawesqar, Ajajema. We have invoked and awakened it. It awoke furious and full of hate for what the modern human has done to the Earth. At each moment it curses the disgusting concrete, its wicked buildings that prevent the view of the horizon, its abundant wheeled machines, but above all it curses with much force that which the human animal has become. It has whispered in our ear that humans deserve death for offending the wild with every breath. We respond that we feel the same way. We have made a blood oath with the spirit and we have promised to act in its name. We seek to revive the pagan spirit of the Fuegians in each of our uncivilized fires. May disaster fall upon civilization and human progress! Continue reading

On the IGD PSA

Estimado Sr. Scott Campbell:

So since we have been given the spotlight in your fatwa on It’s Going Down, noting the obvious sin of our utter lack of anarchism, I felt I might as well respond on behalf of the Atassa project. Not that we aim to convince anyone of anything, far from it. Those who have accepted the Message of Bakunin (Peace Be Upon Him) and somehow don’t know that something that doesn’t claim to be anarchism isn’t anarchism will be relieved of their ignorance by your words. So we are sorry we have lost all of those confused readers and their generous donations to our Patreon… wait a second, we don’t have a Patreon, that’s someone else. Never mind.

So there’s no point in dwelling on this. Neither are we expecting fair treatment here. In this journal, in print and online, we discuss eco-extremism, and eco-extremists are proud enemies of the human race who have an insatiable animus delendi (drive to destroy). We don’t carry out eco-extremist action, and we aren’t cheerleaders for it. We have an indirect affinity for it and that is it. So we don’t expect fair treatment from IGD, or the anarcho-primitivists, or the press, or the authorities, or anyone else for that matter. You should hate the eco-extremists, and us by extension. We are worse than Hitler. We are worse than eco-fascists. Nevertheless, we aim to show your inconsistencies just in case you think we have no reply. On the other hand, we won’t spend a lot of time on this, because why bother, really? Continue reading

Eco-extremist group murdered Lesvy for being high – With Ciro Gómez Leyva

The group calling itself Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) has taken responsibility for the murder of Lesvy Berlin Osorio Martinez, a young woman found dead at the beginning of last week at the facilities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The group says that the young woman received what she wanted: death.

“The murder of the woman at the university city was a brutal and asphyxiating reaction that illustrates our disgust for the modern human being. Maybe you think that a person stumbling around in the dawn hours high on drugs, chemicals that they took, is worthy of keeping their life. We think not, that’s why she received what she wanted, what she profoundly desired,” stated the eco-extremist group.

Continue reading

On the “shocking” murder by ITS at the University City

How disgusting it is to see the whole university community repudiating the new murder perpetrated by the Eco-Extremist Mafia at the University City (UC). All over there they are shrieking like whores, painting their disgusting bodies, crying out for justice, weeping bitter tears over the violent atmosphere that plagues the country like a tree falls after being struck by lightning. We are at War, did you not notice? Continue reading

Twenty-Ninth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild / Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

We’ve been warning you from the beginning… we take responsibility for the following actions:

-Sunday, April 30th: The murder of two individuals at the foot of Tlaloc Mountain.

-Thursday, May 4th: Abandoning an incendiary device in Room 104 of the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM

With these actions we make it clear that this isn’t a game. Our words are serious. Continue reading

Free Radical Radio recordings

Free Radical Radio has published their recordings of the first two 2011 ITS communiques.  Maldición Eco-extremista has published its own explanatory note in its post of these recordings, which we translate here:

Free Radical Radio (FRR) has produced two audios of the 2011 ITS communiques. On this, it is appropriate to mention that the positions of the old ITS are different from those of today’s ITS. Let us remember that the group that emerged in Mexico in 2011 has passed through various phases during which it has sharpened its discourse and action. The following are the cycles through which ITS has passed: Continue reading