Another mandatory PSA

Well, looks like our favorite muppet and basement dweller Scott Campbell decided to draw out the already tiresome fatwa against ITS and everyone he doesn’t like. So just really quickly:

Scottie either thinks we’re working for Interpol or that Interpol should be breaking down Abe Cabrera’s door because he’s the “official spokesperson” for ITS. After all, “fair is fair”, that’s what they did to the ELF supporters back last decade… well, here’s the thing, Atassa is a literary project. We aren’t getting secret messages from ITS, and no eco-extremist activity occurs within the borders of the United States of America. So the reason no one has busted our doors down yet is because, wait for it… the First Amendment. You know, the same laws you hope protect you when you publish stuff on your website about sabotage and vandalism (which you seem to receive from “anonymous contributors,” but we won’t say much about that.) That didn’t stop you from getting kicked off of Patreon though. I know, so sad.

If you really want to know how we are the spokespeople for ITS, we will share with you our super-secret, highly technologically advanced manner of communicating with them. You ready? Here we go:

  1. Open a browser of your choice.
  2. Open
  3. See if they posted anything new today.
  4. Translate it if we feel like it, or if we think it’s cool.

Alright, lock us up. I’m mentally prepared to disappear into an Eastern European black site and be tortured by the non-stop playing of Taylor Swift albums and sleep deprivation.

So Scottie, either come out and say it: Do you think we’re cops, or should the cops arrest us for material support for terrorism? Maybe you need to make some phone calls.

As for the rest, we’re misanthropes and we don’t care. But we try to create some sweet, sweet memes.

No automatic alt text available.

With Wild Nature on our side (yeah, we know that triggers you).

-Abe Cabrera


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