Thirty-Fifth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“Do not wait for everyone to like you, but to get tired of hating you”

We continue the attacks against religious places undertaken by the brothers of the Popocatzin Clan on July 14 with their thunderous package-bomb that left one man seriously injured in Mexico City. Egoistically we claim the responsibility for the following actions during this week:

Leaving a package-bomb inside the Great Temple of the Jehova Witnesses located on the Avenue Lopez Portillo, in front of the Mexibus station, De la Cruz-San Mateo, in the town of Coacalco, Mexico State.

An incendiary device composed of gasoline, napalm and other flammable materials detonated on the door of a Catholic Church located on the Avenue Lago de Guadalupe, in Atizapan, Mexico State.

Brother accomplices, let the acts speak instead of words!

Let the anti-humanistic threat of the ITS groups, of the Terrorist Nihilists groups and antisocial individuals continue despite any obstacle!

Fire, bombs, bullets, threats and knives against the representatives of EVERY religion, including the “elite” bureaucrats from the satanist churches!

The steps of war and confrontation of our ancestors accompany us in the ambush!

Death to the moral of the attack!

¡Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)


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