“Why do they publish so many communiques if they don’t want to convince anyone?” and other dumb questions

There has been too much back and forth about eco-extremism in the last few weeks that it seems that the fatwas against ITS and others have only intensified and perhaps are coming from the “highest rungs” of insurrectionary anarchism (LOL yeah we think that’s funny too). Honestly, we don’t have to point out where you can find all of these polemics: the cyber-world that keeps up with this stuff is small and incestuous enough that to link to them would be pandering to the obvious. Here are some selected points that have been raised:

1. “If ITS doesn’t want to convince anyone, why do they issue so many communiques?”

Do any of you have an OkCupid or match.com profile? Have you ever put a classified in the newspaper? Does that mean you want to fuck or date everyone? Does that mean that your ad is intended for everyone? Of course not. But someone already answered this question, so we won’t belabor the point:

Eco-extremists are at war, and for that reason propaganda and reflection are tools which are used to position ourselves within the debacle. Tactics like the “war of nerves” are used, which range from sharp criticism to the disturbing explosive. Let them continue in their world of wishes and dreams, we will continue to dance in hell!


Regresión is not a magazine containing criticism for the consumption of the passive. It does not contain tame articles for those who do nothing. It is for the lone wolves or the clans of accomplices who cast off fear and decide to burn machines and place bombs in institutions that attack nature. It is for those who decide to plan the murder of a particular scientist in the shadows…

Another possible answer (tied to the “war on the nerves” perhaps) is that they’re wasting your time. In other words, they’re just trolling you, bro. They know that you’re talking about them and that you get some sort of sick hard-on while you do it. And they laugh at you. They’re laughing at you as you read this. U mad? Well, there’s not much you can do about it, as we shall see below…

2. Does ITS even do most of the stuff that they claim to do?

Ok, here I’m going to try to be as “objective” as possible because it’s a good question. The answer as far as I can tell is “Yeah, most of it,” and “Even if some of the stuff isn’t 100% legit, it really doesn’t matter.” Sure, you can say that’s a cop-out answer. But this is just little old me over here guessing at what I can find in Spanish on the Internet.

For example, the group behind the now infamous 29th Communique claimed to have killed a computer science student last year, but the Mexican authorities convicted a group of men for killing the same student while trying to steal his laptop. The investigation of the most famous victim of the 29th communique, Lesvy Berlin Osorio, now focuses on the boyfriend who supposedly was friends with people in high places who are covering up for how he killed her. There is even supposedly video of the incident showing him striking her, but of course, no one seems to be leaking it and supposedly the cameras were “facing another direction” (?) and didn’t capture the “money shot” or even anything approximating a lethal assault. The official story now is that she committed suicide by hanging herself from a phone booth and the boyfriend was negligent because he saw her and did nothing to stop her…. Anyway, that seems super-convoluted. So if you’re a fan of the theory that ITS just claims to do attacks that others carried out, there is lots of meat for you here. But as for actual answers, I am not sure you’re going to be satisfied in this case.

As for the hiker victims of the same communique, my gut feeling is they did that one. Also the UNAM worker in 2016: there was so much press around it that it’s hard to believe that, if it was indeed the man’s coworkers who killed him as some reports claimed, they would have advertised catching the culprits. Also, if they were his coworkers, wouldn’t they have their addresses? The assassination of the Vice-rector of the Mexican university is something I am up in the air on, to be honest, but the nature of northern Mexico in this day and age isn’t going to shed light on this situation one way or the other. Again, the efficiency of Mexican justice at work. With the attack on Oscar Landerretche in Chile, there were a few discrepancies in the timeline as described in the initial ITS communique that the media picked up on, but the device used is very much the same one that ITS uses in similar attacks in Mexico (and they have put up videos on the Internet on how to make one, and, no, I won’t link to them, thanks.) Mostly everything else was done by ITS or there is no way of knowing one way or the other. They conform to a certain modus operandi and are well within their potential and means.

Another aspect is that, if ITS is a “questionable” organization, that probably helps its “sustainable business model”. If the authorities aren’t willing to take them seriously because looking into if they “really” did something is too hard, they’ll probably just go on to easier and dumber criminals. It seems to have worked so far. The Mexican Attorney General’s Office has classified them as a “criminal” and not a terrorist organization. Perhaps this is the advantage of living in a failed state, but it certainly is better for their longevity.

In reality, however, we will probably never know, which leads us to our next point…

3. Can’t anarchism just move on and stop talking about ITS now?

LMAO, no! I have the feeling that ITS and related groups are just as tired of anarchists as anarchists are of them. But, to be blunt, we’re talking about dozens if not a few hundred people being spoken of here. Even if ITS ended up being five guys living in basements in various countries with mad bomb making skills, that’s like a fucking plurality in Anarchy-Land (the Unhappiest and Dumbest Place on Earth, apparently). You and the five other people in your squat don’t like ITS? You get pissed off when the press calls them anarchists and associates you with them? Too fucking bad. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, since all of the normies of the world don’t have time for your bullshit casuistic parsing of their actions. Most people don’t give you special consideration because you would never place a bomb in a random place but you would still kill a cop or set a Wal-Mart on fire. If you’re looking to be popular or the Hero Who Saves the Day in the eyes of the idiocracy,  there are literally dozens of better things you could be doing with your life right now…

But otherwise, what the fuck is this, 1936? Need I remind you that you don’t need thousands or even millions of people to “make history”. All you need is a plan and a bitching PR campaign. That IWW card you have in your pocket isn’t even good to wipe your ass with. Workers don’t shut down production anymore (in any meaningful way), the proletariat has no real leverage with Capital to demand even the most meager reforms, and revolutions are more likely to devolve into civil wars that go straight into the cronyism and factionalism… People don’t like ITS because it’s the future: not ITS itself, but the organizational and practical form. ITS is one part cabal, one part secret society, two parts hype, three parts fake news, and lots and lots of absurd and asymmetrical violence. Not fair? Go cry me a fucking river, or masturbate to Spanish Civil War songs. ITS even acknowledges this and is completely selfless about it: they don’t care as long as people get hurt. “A bunch of sick psychopaths?” It scares and scandalizes people and gets ratings? Mission accomplished.

But yeah, anarchism isn’t getting its much desired divorce from ITS. And ITS is like the twisted spouse who loves prodding the better half who just wants out. A bombing happens? ITS may have done it, and of course, “they’re anarchists”. “They’re not really anarchists!” Meh, close enough, at least for the hyper-civilized reporter just trying to get ratings in between trying to bang the hot weather girl… I mean, if anarchists actually mattered and did anything remotely interesting other than, I don’t know, fill in potholes and perform in orchestrated street battles, maybe they could clarify things. Yeah, they say it doesn’t matter now, but they are competing for the affection of the small niche market of edgy horny boys with daddy issues to join up with their squat or Black Bloc antifa or whatever scheme they have going this week. Because the Cause needs to eat and it has to grow, might as well guide the poor frustrated youth to the black mask and the Molotov cocktail rather than the gun and the pipe bomb. God forbid they get involved with something anti-social…

So yeah, I am getting used to the fact that I am going to have to deal with the Short Bus of Radical Ideology that is anarchism in its many permutations. It’s not fun and it’s not pretty, but I am resigned to my fate as long as I am on board for this ride.


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