Thirty-First Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“You will be dead very soon, little man, and the world will continue without you. You will be nothing. Everyone will forget your name!

No, in that you are wrong, old woman. We will leave a brand in the city, we are going to spread it like a virus.”


We have learned somewhere that the Europeans of the “anarcho-insurrectionary” blog 325 were going to publish a text criticizing us. But honestly we got tired of waiting for it since they’ve dragged their feet quite a bit in publishing it. Maybe they have not yet left the assembly where they formulate their ideas, or maybe they are preparing to go on their anti-globalist vacation at the G20 summit in Germany that is happening soon. In the end, only Saint Bakunin knows, so what follows is what we feel has to be said in response to the referenced anarchists. We take up this medium again to do so, though to be honest, we don’t expect much from them or anything positive about us. To be sure they’ll come up with the usual shit: that we’re “fascists,” that we “turned our back on anarchy,” maybe they’ll have a call-out to condemn us like the good judges they are (though they deny it); the same boring things that today’s anarchists do against us. So then the following:


What great fright was caused by the three murders that we took credit for last May! Right? And we speak not of the fright that Mexican society had to “suffer”, a society that is quite accustomed to seeing dead people in their cities and suburban spaces (since for the majority of people in Mexico, three murders in such a short time is nothing.) No, we speak of the fright that foreign anarcho-humanists had observing from afar, as well as their great worry at the expansion of this Tendency in Mexico and the southern part of the continent. They squeal like pigs getting their throat slit crying, “if you have an anarchist project, don’t support them,” “they didn’t commit those murders, it’s a false flag,” “ITS are CIA agents out to justify repression,” “they kill people indiscriminately, don’t sympathize with them,” “ITS doesn’t even exist,” “they’re only doing those things to get attention,” “ITS are most like the Islamic State, Hitler, and the Cookie-Monster,” and other funny things.

And yes, we are referring specifically to the filthy progressivist Scott Campbell of It’s Going Down and the clowns at Horizontal Hostility in the United States, who recently made a whole drama out of our mischief.

So let’s see, if the attacks we took responsibility for are false like you people are saying, why go to such lengths to defame us? If what we are taking responsibility for supposedly isn’t real, you should breathe easy, right? If you believed your own words, when you find out about something that we have done, you would just shrug us off as a bunch of crazies and that’s it, right? Why are you mad then? Is one of our members screwing one of your Anglo mothers? Shit, sorry that came out, it was supposed to be a secret…

Mr. Campbell, you should value your life more. You’re addressing some dangerous people who have killed people indiscriminately for over six years. We are still free, and they have not been able to catch us. How are you so sure that we don’t know the place in Mexico where you “vacation” and we won’t show up as we tend to do? You should chill out because in a country where killing journalists is very common, it’s not a good idea that you go about everywhere with your camera, or you’ll end up like your colleague Bradley Will. Remember him? Only this time the bullets won’t be coming from PRI goons.

What these gringo leftists don’t understand is that the only thing their words published on blogs or said on the radio, or their articles from any influential thinker (like the shit Zerzan or his mules write), cause in us is laughter.

They speak of ITS as if we committed an unpardonable offense to them personally, since, of course, we’re going against humanity! Their promiscuous altruism shows itself backed by the Christian values they claim to reject as anarchists. You modern anarchists disgust us! You lefty gringos are always trying to “fix” things. If the Kurdish minorities are in conflict, you go to Turkey. If there are unprotected immigrants in Oakland, you’re there. If there are children dying in Africa, you go to Africa. If there’s a Black Bloc about to happen, you go to “defend” the people repressed by the state. If there’s a terrorist group close to your country, you go there to attack it (at least via Internet). Don’t you get tired of all that stupid interventionism? The same thing happens with the U.S. army, the CIA, the DEA, etc. If there is armed conflict in Afghanistan, they go; if human rights are being violated in Venezuela, they’re there. If there’s a shipment of drugs in Mexico, they’re about. If there’s a dangerous war in Paraguay, they’re there. You’re always sticking your long noses in stuff that’s none of your business.

And in the background of that drama there is, if I am not mistaken, that president of yours, that pink creature with the hair like a head of corn. Yes, since he’s arrived on the scene lefties see fascism even in the toilet bowl after they take a dump. That’s why they call us “eco-fascists,” what a joke.

In the end, if you’re so hurt by the sight of the families of those we have wounded or killed, if you are so upset by the words that we have put out in our communiqués, and if you are so deeply upset by ITS itself, why not come down and try to find us? Stop hiding behind your fucking monitors and come and face us. Let’s see if you have the balls since you go around bitching so much. Come on down and stop fucking around.

We are well aware that people like you feel really secure in the United States talking shit on the Internet. You walk around in safe neighborhoods with your stable lives and far away from the dangers of the “Third World.” We’d like to see you down here at dawn in Tepito, in the red light district of Tijuana, in the ranches full of assassins in Chihuahua, in the side streets of Acapulco, in the slums of Mexico State. We would like to meet you face to face so you can tell us all of those idiocies in person. Surely you’d shit yourselves.

One recommendation: if you do come, bring lots of people with sufficient firepower. We know that the United States has a lot of it to go around (and it’s not too hard to smuggle it in, we notice). That way you can really fuck us up, since ITS is always packing (Shit, now I feel like Pancho Villa when he challenged the gringo army after the Columbus massacre, fuck yeah!)

We’ve thrown down the gauntlet!


Mexico, as is well known, has one of the highest crime rates in the world. It is one of the most violent countries. Here we have the most powerful drug cartels on Earth: the Sinaloa Cartel, the Jalisco Cartel, New Generation, the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas, and that’s only mentioning a few. These have been the authors of brutal massacres, car bombings, well-known attacks, and scandalous kidnappings. Among their members are the lethal assassins, the cooks (who are in charge of making bodies disappear in acid), the “conectes,” etc. In other words, a whole network of sociopaths within the drug trade and related businesses. In Mexico there are robberies every day, so many that people are so tired of the criminals that they surround and lynch them, or they die while committing their crimes. Home burglaries, shootings, etc. are the highest they have been in decades.

People are looking for any excuse to go out and loot, to get out of their miserable routine, and it is here that we note that Mexico is a shitty country, up to its neck in its own vomit, about to drown in its internal problems.

There are also some very particular serial killers, ones that the Mexican government would rather ignore.

There are also Islamic terrorist groups here which of course the authorities choose to ignore. We have the example of the Hindu who shot a consular worker in the U.S. embassy in Guadalajara this year. Or the Frenchman who tried to slit the throat of a priest in the middle of Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral this past May who they wanted to pass off as another mentally ill person. This is a lie, the arrest of three Yemeni terrorists in the middle of the Historic District on the same month more than shows this.

The refusal of the authorities to recognize that terrorists and serial killers etc. actually exist and their pretending all is well, are things that benefits us as criminals.

And that’s because the authorities are so swamped with their own “business” that we, the common criminals, enjoy absolute impunity. We have complete freedom to do whatever we want.

Why is it that ex-members of ETA hide out here, and have lived many years unnoticed until Interpol recognized them? How is it that Comandante Emilio of FPMR went about kidnapping people for years in Guanajuato without being detected until a frightened taxi driver called the police. Emilio was then caught and recognized as one of the most important Chilean guerrillas of his time. Why is it that the most wanted Italian mafiosi in Europe come to live in Mexico?

Thus, in a country of indiscriminate assassins, powerful cartels, armed groups, serial killers, military kidnappers, international terrorists, bloody criminals, mass gangs, foreign Mafiosi, corrupt politically powerful groups, , and the rest; in the midst of this spectrum of criminality there is also ITS. And if we’re not at the level of organization as the armed narcotraffickers (for example), we still have our thing going on.

And for that reason, since the conditions are right to wage our ancestral war as we would like, we do so with great pleasure.

And that is why many foreign lefties hear of us from afar and are skeptical. It is hard for them to accept that we have killed three people in such a short period of time, and we understand. But if a group of assassins with enough bullets are sent by their Boss to kill dozens of people in cold blood as the Zetas did in San Fernando, Tamaulipas in 2011, what could a small group of motivated individuals do with a loaded gun and commanded by anti-humanist rage? The answer is obvious…


“The silent wolf gets more done than the barking dog.”

Is ITS truly a priority for the anarchist agenda? Are we truly on the side of the riot police, the Neonazis, and the State according to their concepts? We feel so flattered by that, boys!

We forgot that thousands of white supremacists share the same country as the gringo anarchists. Why not kill one of those fat Neonazis if you want (which seems easier) and then afterwards come get us? It would be good training at least. Or maybe you’ll send mercenaries trained in Rojava? Wait a minute, white anarchists coming to a country full of brown people to hunt eco-extremists? That story sounds familiar!

But no, they only look ridiculous as we saw in California, where various anarchists were beaten by white supremacists in a street fight. We had a good laugh at that. You can see they aren’t used to violence. Scenes like that, but multiplied by a hundred in terms of blood and fury, are seen on street corners here daily. So, lesson 1: if you know the reputation of Neonazis, why are you showing up to fight them with only your fists, sticks, and rocks? A true anarchist would have taken a bomb, a dagger, and a gun. That is why modern anarchists are trampled on, and always will be. They are completely clueless. Did you think the Neonazis who showed up that day would only toss accusations at you and throw water in your face? For fuck’s sake!


And so the altruism of these gringo anarchists makes us laugh so much. They talk about the tragedies that we have caused as if we killed a family member of theirs. They get so mad that they cry out for someone to please come and arrest us for this crazy murder in the Name of the Wild, oh the agony!

Why not settle old scores that haven’t been settled on the Mexican left? Why not try to get the man responsible for the massacre of students in Tlatelolclo in 1968, ex-president Diaz Ordaz? Wait, he’s dead, never mind, that’s taken care of.

But ex-President Luis Echeverria is still alive, the one responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of guerrillas in the 1970’s. He knew about the activities of the torturer Nazar Haro (chief of the now defunct Federal Directory of Security) responsible for the White Brigade that participated in the massacre on Corpus Christi in 1971. This person is still alive, he has never paid for having participated in these deaths, forced disappearances, torture and harassment of social movements in those years. Are you going to let them get away with it? Think of the tears, pain, suffering, and poverty that those family members suffered because of the massacres of the PRI government. Almighty gringos, please help the debts, the victims of the party dictatorship, the poor innocent souls who wander without rest!

You know who is still alive and kicking? Ulises Ruiz, ex-governor of Oaxaca. He’s now a senator and goes cavorting about in Mexico City and Oaxaca itself. Just to jog your memory, he’s the one responsible for the “repression” that the teachers’ movement suffered in 2006. This movement led to a popular uprising that took the Oaxacan capital. Oh, what times those were! He is responsible for the tortures, disappearances, deaths, and numerous other things that people’s organizations had to suffer in those years and after his tenure as governor. Isn’t he a priority? Maybe you would trade his head for that of ITS? LOL!

The thing is that you, modern anarchists, are mad, and it’s not healthy to talk when you’re angry. That’s what fucks you up.

We also remind you that those responsible for the Acteal massacre are still on the loose (Emilio Chuayffet and Ernesto Zedillo), as well as those responsible for the rapes of women and men in Atenco (Wilfredo Robledo and Peña Nieto); the members of the “Olympia Battalion” who are now old men; the predecessors of the Cristeros “Cut out the tongues of communists”, the Sinarchists, etc. who are now called the “Nationalist Front of Mexico,” who are businessmen, soldiers, and politicians in the governing elite. All these guilty people who are responsible for a ton of injustice against the “defenseless Mexican people” are still on the loose. You should focus on resolving all of those issues before saying that you are going to come down here to look for us, fucking faggots.


We don’t know the real motive that these modern lefties have to cling to the rotting corpse of revolution. It’s obvious that the utopian end is obsolete (obtained either by armed or political means). Even the most veteran and mature revolutionary know this.

The era in which we find ourselves has no escape. The alternatives that the designers of the system propose only serve to perpetuate it all the more. For that reason it is shameful to think that people exist who still uphold this vague concept.

This is made evident by the example of ETA. This group’s indiscriminate attacks, spectacular kidnappings, and terrorist trappings have long fascinated us. Recently the organization has ceased the armed struggle. Many of its members are now on the run and dedicated to trying to survive. They did what they had to do at the moment. They made the effort, and their dedication remained firm. They had hope that one day they would see the independence of Euskal Herria and, in the end, the “revolution” failed.

The same has occurred with RAF: its bombs detonated with a deafening force damaging gringo property in the 1970’s in Germany, its kidnappings were featured in the media in those years, and its alliances with radical Palestinian groups like the PLO, though quite scandalous, were effective for their time. The murders they carried out were inspiring, but their hope to see a “different” world was chucked in the garbage. With the coming of the third generation, the group dissolved in 1998, and now they have passed from being historical revolutionaries to being common criminals who the police suspect of participating in various armored car robberies.

The same thing happened to the FARC in a different part of the world. The FARC have also given up their arms (and the ELN is on the same path). Even though some groups are determined to continue in the jungle as they have for decades, the organization itself has signed a peace accord with the Colombian government. This has generated different reactions. Some members of the paramilitary groups (that fought to the death against the FARC) have dedicated themselves to hunting down ex-guerrillas, now disarmed and mere vulnerable civilians.

On the other side are the ex-guerrillas who refuse to give up their arms. They don’t want to be easy prey, and even though they know the “revolution” failed, they can’t really return to civilian life after so many years of war. So they contract themselves out as mercenaries for strong criminal groups like the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital, a criminal organization with its origin in Brazil but with strong presence in Paraguay and Argentina, which is dedicated to drug and arms trafficking.) This was seen in the “Robbery of the Century” in Paraguay in April of this year, where different decentralized groups lit various cars on fire to serve as a distraction for the main mission. At the same time, the principal body of heavily-armed commandos detonated a large explosive that blew apart one of the walls of a transport company, and after a firefight the bandits entered the company and robbed ten million dollars. On top of this, they had the nerve to escape on a boat that passed through the Itaipu Reserve in Brazil. This act, totally different from the usual methods of the PCC, could not be realized without military expertise, and without the technical and strategic help of the ex-guerrillas of the FARC now working for the PCC.

For some time these types of criminal actions have pleased us more than the acts of political guerrillas. This is sufficient to allow us to say with pleasure that the era of “revolution” has passed and the only thing left is to commit oneself to the individualist struggle for survival, leaving behind weak and disgusting humanist values.

Though we should mention all of those Europeans and gringos who have went over to the Kurds recently, be they anarchists, Marxists, feminists, antifascists (in a word, lefties). Upon coming back to their countries of origin, they will inevitably form new armed groups that they raise anew, the old banners of “revolution” by the armed path, and surely they’ll do that for some years. If they survive jail, the anti-terrorist agencies, and their own errors, they will see that ITS was always right in saying that revolutionaries eventually become common bandits and/or mercenaries capable of any work that requires firepower, battle tactics, and collateral damage. In other words, the same vicious circle we have been talking about. But guess what? It’s not only those on the left fighting side by side with the Kurdish minority against the Islamic State, but also those who belong to the far right. They too are learning, observing, and thinking of the future. And it may be the case that they too return to their homes after the war and just like the lefties, form armed groups that will mortally oppose each other. We don’t want to be killjoys about it, but we’ve seen how this movie ends.


For some time we have been saying that the media has tried to hide all trace of evidence that, in different countries in the Americas, there exists a “discrete” presence of a terrorist group totally different from what we are accustomed to. Various analysts and columnists have exposed the cover-up.

It’s not coincidence that in the countries where ITS has a presence, the authorities have tried to deny our existence or divert attention to something else since they have not been able to catch us. This happened here in Mexico, when we stabbed the UNAM worker in June 2016. The Attorney General of Mexico City denied that we had any presence in Mexico City, when in February 2013, the same office investigated us and publicly recognized our package bomb that had wounded a postal worker.  Afterwards in October of that year, the Cisen recognized us as a terrorist group, but in May of this year, a reporter’s source at the PGR said that they don’t consider us a terrorist group but only common criminals. Please make up your minds, playing with our emotions like that is not funny LOL! We in ITS really don’t care if we are considered common criminals, terrorists, mentally ill, or whatever by the authorities. What is important to us is action with which we enjoy our egoic spirit, either with “good” or “bad” propaganda. In any case, the message continues, it expands, and is concretized.

The same situation occurred in Chile, with the ITS group, “Mystical Horde of the Forest” which executed with full wisdom the first eco-extremist package-bomb attack on the Southern continent in January of this year. Until now the police investigations have not brought forth successful results that have led to the capture of the proud individualists of ITS. For this reason even that bastard mining company executive Landerretche has helped the authorities to divert attention concerning the authorship of that attack, saying that ITS is a false front.

Due to the useless investigations of the Chilean intelligence services, the only thing left to do is say that ITS wasn’t responsible or come up with excuses so that the audience swallows them whole.

In contrary manner, on more than one occasion people have thought that ITS has been responsible for an attack or murder or other action. An example of this occurred this past June with the death of an Odontology student in one of the buildings of the Philosophy Department in the University City. And this is due to the fact that the conditions under which the guy died have not been very clear, and the university as well as the authorities have not revealed any discoveries from the investigation of this death. Maybe it was one of us, maybe it wasn’t. In the meantime, fear reigns in one of the most important centers of human progress here.

The same thing happened by in 2013, when various bombs were set off in one old and worn-down building called the Pemex Executive Tower. The explosives and the shoddy construction of the Tower were an explosive combination that had a deadly effect. In the explosion and partial collapse of the building, 37 died and 120 were wounded. Sure, the PGR shelved the work of foreign experts and published their own official version of the story, which stated that the explosion was “accidentally caused” by a methane gas leak. How convenient.

In this case some foreign and national media stated that ITS was responsible for the attack. From 2010 onward, we have been stating that we do NOT take responsibility for every attack that we carry out, and there are more acts that we have participated in than the ones that we have taken responsibility for through the years. We stated that for a reason…


And well, as we have been saying since the beginning of this communique, the defamation of gringo anarchists (discussed above),  of the Chileans (here we refer to the Perkin pussy motherfucker sons of Contrainfo and others), and of the Europeans against our Mafia have remained in the void as they have not refuted the ACTS in question. While they bark the usual things like bitches in heat, we’ll be laughing our asses off at their poisonous intentions. But let it be clear that everything has its limit, and our patience isn’t forever.

We anxiously hope that they come to confront us at some point, so that the demon of Di Giovanni returns to fill the bodies of defaming anarchists with scandalous lead as it did in its time the body of Lopez Arango.

It is clear that they won’t be able to stop us with their populist verbiage unleashed from the alternative media, nor can it be done by the social anarchists, nor the insurrectionists (including those Spanish kids from “Voz con Arma” or “Rebelion de las Palabras,” those well-intentioned lefty nuns who disgust us so much). They can’t stop it because this Tendency has expanded past the point of being able to be eradicated, contained, or “neutralized”. The more they eliminate the blogs that publish the actions and words of the Tendency, while they try to “denounce” content on the Internet and organize entire events just to talk shit about us, the more disillusioned anarchists are passing from the same old tired anarchism to the Eco-Extremist and Nihilist Terrorist Mafia. This is a fact.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about a group devoted to hunting eco-extremists and nihilist terrorists, maybe you can open up a dialogue with the members of the old “Anti-terrorist Liberation Groups” (that hunted members of ETA in Spain, France, and beyond in the 1980’s) or the “Pursuers of Pablo Escobar” (the “Pepes,” who hunted members of the legendary Medellin Cartel in the 1990’s in Colombia). We just need to remind you that when they decided to hunt the ETA or Pablo Escobar’s folks, the violence escalated instead of diminishing, just as Murphy’s Law predicts in those circumstances. So in that case think it over first…

Surviving just another weekend (with 65 recorded murders throughout the country), and celebrating the murders that we ourselves committed, and with the Wild on our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico City)

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Popocalitzli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

-Wild Serial Killers

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chihuahua)

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Coahuila)

-Flint Point Hidden Clan

-Coyote Pack Faction

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Jalisco)

-Feral Criminal Band





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