Ajajema No. 2 Editorial

The South is now cold. Temperatures in the lands at the end of the world fall. The sun barely shows itself, it is covered by black clouds full of water. They stand there ready to soak the ground.

In this manner a new cycle begins for the Earth, a natural majestic cycle that modern humanity calls, “winter”. This is a process of Wild Nature that is feared, even hated and cursed by some stupid humans. They classify this as “bad weather.” This is a Wild cycle feared by civilization as a whole, since its misfortune strikes against all progress. The cities tremble with every drop of rain, with each snow storm and morning frost that covers the Earth. Structures are helpless against its majestic force, roads are changed into rivers in an instant, rivers overflow their banks, stormy winds shake the cities.

With the beginning of this beautiful and vital cycle of the Earth, and strengthened by the indomitable force of the Wild, we present the second issue of the magazine “Ajajema: Against human progress from the South.” In the name of the rain and of the snow, of the gale and the lightening, the cold and the frost, the clouds and the mountains. Far from the dates imposed by the modern human, and binding ourselves to the cycles of the Earth, we emerge again.

The eco-extremist war in the South persists. The factions and individualists who face off against human progress are still intact and ferocious. Their bodies are patient, but their unsettled minds do not rest. Stalking like the wild cats of Tierra del Fuego, they go about, searching, observing, and ratifying. They conspire hidden in the shadows. From the depths of the Southern mountains they are possessed by the spirits of their ancestors. They commend themselves to the Unknowable with their bodies ready for the attack. Their tracks are covered by the mystical spirits that protect them.

That is how the eco-extremist war is being waged in these lands, with hits and misses, with fires, explosions, and threats. We as the editorial group of this magazine will not remain on the sidelines watching the eco-extremists warriors in their campaigns. Our words and this publication are born from the deep desire to spread the eco-extremist seeds in the indomitable Southern plains. This is a corner of the world that lately has shown powerful gestures of complicity and affinity, with the emergence of various publication projects.

Some years ago, these lands were inhabited by savage tribes of hunter-gatherers. These are the lands of the mountain ranges and coasts, the deserts and forests, the hawk and the rhea, the goose, the Chincol, the Queltehue; of the Puma, the Fox, the huemul, the Guanaco, the Coypu, the skunk, the Cururo, and the Pudú. This Land is the one that gives life and shelter to those devoted individualists who have declared war on civilization and human progress. These beings have cast off humanist values to unleash themselves as wild animals among the rotting cities, casting themselves into the chaotic abyss of the Unknowable.

It is a pleasure for us to find out about every new propaganda video edited anonymously. We salute wholeheartedly the creation of Anhanga Magazine in Pindorama, whose content in the Portuguese language aims to embrace the war of the individualists near the Amazon jungle. With the audio-texts from the United States, with the terrorist manuals of ITS, with the translation work of souls in affinity, with the musicians who raise their voice in favor of the tendency without fear of consequences, for all of them, an embrace full of complicity.

For eco-extremist propaganda, for the war against civilization!

– Ajajema Editorial Group



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