Eco-extremist group murdered Lesvy for being high – With Ciro Gómez Leyva

The group calling itself Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) has taken responsibility for the murder of Lesvy Berlin Osorio Martinez, a young woman found dead at the beginning of last week at the facilities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The group says that the young woman received what she wanted: death.

“The murder of the woman at the university city was a brutal and asphyxiating reaction that illustrates our disgust for the modern human being. Maybe you think that a person stumbling around in the dawn hours high on drugs, chemicals that they took, is worthy of keeping their life. We think not, that’s why she received what she wanted, what she profoundly desired,” stated the eco-extremist group.

Contacted by the production team of “Por la mañana,” the group responded to the question as to why they killed Lesvy, and they again took responsibility for the homicide.

“All of the members of ITS,” they continue, “completely repudiate the vices of the modern human. We flat out reject their disgusting diversions. We hate those who with little or a lot of money live alter their senses. These people are a waste of air. They’re rubbish, human trash, whether they be women or men. They’re the same virus that infects this beautiful Earth. That is why they deserve extinction.”

In the opinion of the eco-extremist group, the murdered woman in the University City is the faithful reflection of a decadent society that regretfully still lives: “weak people who cannot confront life in all of its harshness, and decide to drug themselves with foreign substances, cowards who only are in this world uselessly vegetating.”
“It’s funny how the reaction to having killed a woman within the CU has been so noticeable, even if this is not surprising. The same would have happened if a woman was murdered in the Cineteca Nacional, or the Polytechnic, or any other place where feminists are doing their thing.

CU as we have said is one of the cradles of progress, where pestilent humanism hides, instructing under the deceptive mantle of “free and critical thought.”

They continue, “We’ve already seen the demonstrations of rejection and they have left on us a smile spewing forth bile. All of those feminists are idiots. Their banal demonstrations only make them seem defenseless. They look like ‘re-victimized victims,’ which is the complete opposite of what they wanted to show.

We vehemently spit on these feminists and ‘male feminists,’ and all of the progressives. The newest and most scandalous attack realized on their turf demonstrates that this isn’t a game and we’re completely serious. Let them call us murderers, cowards, postmodernists, and all of the swill they can come up with. None of their insults from behind a computer, nor their marches, nor their lefty assembly meetings, nor their hilarious condemnations can erase what we’ve done.
“Oh, of course, we are against progress, we hate technological society, and we don’t care one bit about being “inconsistent” in that discourse. This can be seen when we use computers to send our misanthropic messages against the masses.”

With information from Sophia Enríquez




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