On the “shocking” murder by ITS at the University City

How disgusting it is to see the whole university community repudiating the new murder perpetrated by the Eco-Extremist Mafia at the University City (UC). All over there they are shrieking like whores, painting their disgusting bodies, crying out for justice, weeping bitter tears over the violent atmosphere that plagues the country like a tree falls after being struck by lightning. We are at War, did you not notice?

How repugnant to see all of those feminists protesting against a “feminicide” in the middle of one of the cradles of progress that is the UC. They fill their fucking mouths with vacuous speeches about “equality” and “equity,” we ask ourselves where they were when ITS killed a man, the Chief of Services of the Chemistry Department in June of last year? At that time no one protested, all of you kept your mouths shut like the cowards that you are. How’s that for equality and equity? Your speeches reek like a drunk man’s vomit after he ate out the pussy of a syphilitic whore of La Merced. You stink. And even more disgusting is the irresistible urge to play the victim. Don’t you realize that in taking that stance you’re playing right into the hands of the system? You make yourselves look like weak defenseless victims. Young people these days who have the urge to be “special snowflakes” and solve the social problems of this society are hopeless. They go on about the same shit that young people forty or five years ago went on about, those people who managed to achieve nothing but their own deaths dreaming of a fallen utopia of the revolution.

These are times of War, violent assaults, murders all over the place, blood on the pavement, brains splattered in the gutters, corruption, illegal guns, armed confrontations, hidden mass graves full of rotting corpses, rapes, abuse, all of these form part of this society. ITS is only a reflection of this putrid society, the cursed children of civilization. With these children the most dark and primitive instincts reappear in our era. The new individualist extremists don’t distinguish between man and woman, black and white, atheist or Catholic, etc. Misanthropic desire fills them; bloodshed, taking joy in death and open and festering wounds urge them on.

The media and authorities are really worried about the actions of ITS in Mexico as well as in other countries, so much so that they have ignored the news of the 29th Communique taking responsibility for them. That says much about the fear that they have that the news might cause panic in various sectors where notable progressivists of renown are hiding out, but we know that more than one knows…

At Maldición Eco-extremista we don’t beat around the bush. We say things as they are and we express how we feel. If this makes some uncomfortable or they find this repulsive, we aren’t making them read our words or the words of the groups that oppose abject humanism.

Support to the Eco-Extremist Mafia!

May the deaths continue!


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