Free Radical Radio recordings

Free Radical Radio has published their recordings of the first two 2011 ITS communiques.  Maldición Eco-extremista has published its own explanatory note in its post of these recordings, which we translate here:

Free Radical Radio (FRR) has produced two audios of the 2011 ITS communiques. On this, it is appropriate to mention that the positions of the old ITS are different from those of today’s ITS. Let us remember that the group that emerged in Mexico in 2011 has passed through various phases during which it has sharpened its discourse and action. The following are the cycles through which ITS has passed:

-The formation of the Individualities Tending Toward the Wild in 2011

The old ITS was made up of anarchists, liberationists, and Kazcynskists who took up the insurrectionist discourse of such groups as the FAI even though they never formed part of that movement. They expressed solidarity with anarchist political prisoners and they adhered to politically correct language. They were rationalists, they employed the scientific method with technical language, and they rejected animist beliefs. They were moralists and to a certain extent pedants.

It should be pointed out that both the old and new ITS considered themselves to be indiscriminate terrorists, trolls, and extremely critical of leftism, revolutions, and related themes. They are also critical of themselves.

Their actions spread to regions of Mexico City, Mexico State, Morelos, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Veracruz, and Coahuila. Their common target were investigators and scientists dedicated to the perfection and bettering of techno-industrial machinery. Their primary method of attack was the package bomb. The tally of their casualties was one dead and five wounded (seriously and not seriously).

During the 2011-2014 phase, there was a cycle within a cycle in 2012 when at the beginning of that year ITS published a communique that self-criticized concerning its former discourse. During this phase it began to reject anarchism, solidarity with prisoners, liberationism, politically correct language, international insurrectionalism of the FAI, and they stopped being so pedantic and used simpler in language.

– ITS becomes RS (2014)

In August 2014, the old ITS merged with a dozen other groups in Mexico to form a single group called Reacción Salvaje (Wild Reaction).

RS was one of the more important groups that demonstrated a wide range of methods of attack. Not only did they use package bombs, but also attacks with explosives, arson, armed attacks, bomb threats, infiltration of demonstrations to commit acts of violence, and armed robberies. In conjunction with this, eco-extremism began to form as a tendency since the theoretical premises that RS contributed were foundational. These premises separated them from their old ideological foundations so that they could blaze their own path. Thus RS rejected the rationalist-scientific discourse that had characterized ITS to recover the anti-Christian pagan inheritance left by the ancients who have resisted conquest since the sixteenth century. It praised native wars (especially the Chichimeca War) and found in these a cultural-historical reference on which to found itself. For the most part it rejected Kazcynski’s ideas, it reiterated its hostility to the “revolution”, and brought forth an anti-humanist and anti-progressivist theory and practice.

In August 2015, after a year of activity, having struck 17 targets, and having issued nine communiques filled with teachings, ITS dissolved. In its wake, it left two wounded in package bomb explosions and  it caused alarm to the federal government by participating in the disturbances in front of the National Palace in November 2014. RS divided into four groups: one which does not take responsibility for attacks, one that does take responsibility for attacks but not on the Internet, one that takes responsibility for actions under different titles, and ITS, all going their separate ways.

-Pause? (2015)

After the self-dissolution of RS, from October to December new groups emerged that further on would announce their alliance with the new ITS in 2016 – 2017.

These groups continued the inheritance of eco-extremism, and made their own contributions to the tendency in their words and actions.

This is how the “Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage,” the “Pagan Sect of the Mountain,” the “Indiscriminate Faction,” and “Ouroboros Nihilista,” attacked the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the UNAM, the Center of Computational Investigation of the IPS, the Metro System of Collective Transport, the nine vehicles of the Mexibus, a couple of organizations that are conglomerates of the Pro-GMO Alliance led by Monsanto, and Sanborns Restaurant. They left three wounded, mobilized police, and caused alarm in the attacked targets.

Today’s ITS

In January 2016, the first communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (no longer called “Individualities”) is published. In February would begin the internationalization of the group extending its network into Chile and Argentina. In August a new group would take responsibility for an indiscriminate bomb attack in Brazil.

The new ITS is today amoral, pagan, indiscriminate, and nihilist. It has brought forth strong positions based on the profound rejection of progressivism, humanism, and Christianity.

It has a silent but strong presence. All of this should be taken into consideration when reading the old 2011 ITS communiques in order to not form a wrong opinion. That is why we have included this extended note before posting these audios.



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