Twenty-Seventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

[Note from the editor: video translation is in the Youtube video description]

“… all that progress did not respect cries out for vengeance. Our ancestors possessed our minds, now the fire of war belongs to us.”


We prepared in darkness, the presence of our ancestors encouraged us. The smoke of salvia from the mountain enshrouded our bullets. We filled the chamber calmly, we cocked our pistol, and we went toward our target on March 24th. This time, it was a construction property of the large infrastructure company Carso in Zumpango Municipality in Mexico State. It is next to a disgusting highway which passes through the wide plains that cover the area. At this time it was embraced by dense fog and populated by animals that ran without worrying about the machines that frequently cross from one side to the other.

We stalked the construction like coyotes. In truth the construction project itself didn’t interest us, for us every civilized thing is a motive for extremist attack. We frowned at the pathetic panorama that progress was aiming to construct. We hate its cement, its concrete, its putrid smell of exhaust, its disgusting gray color, its sickening noise. We detest the people who work on construction there: the workers, engineers, guards, they’re all the same to us. They all work to build the civilized dream of human progress. That is why each and every one deserves the fury of the Unknowable speaking through us. It strikes them light lightning falling from the sky.

In a decisive manner, we crossed the highway. The speeding lights from oncoming traffic did not blind us, though the vehicles passed only centimeters from our bodies. We ran and came to the place. We hid behind some still standing overgrown pine trees. Like them, we were before our target, armed and decided.

We pointed and fired our bullets without mercy against both the great machine that was before us as well as at the security booth and trailer where the workers sleep.

Here is it appropriate to take up again the words of RS in its armed attack against a tunnel of the same company on April 22nd, 2015 in Nextlalpan, Mexico State.

“…with the thunder of the detonating bullets were the sounds of the animals killed for the construction, the violent rush of the wind that moved the leaves of the trees now fallen, and the imperceptible song of the water of the river turned black by the artificial, and were also the war cries of our ancestors: Axcan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!”

Our war against civilization is extremist or it is nothing.

Wounds, lacerations, and death to the hyper-civilized!

With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre


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