Twenty-Second Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“Let whoever waits die”


And let those who wait and wait for the “perfect” moment to attack die…We break anew the silence and tranquility that the citizenry enjoys. We move about and conspire like the invisible menace that we are, and yes, ITS is effectively in Torreón.

Civilization marches on and its faithful lackeys march in step, spreading and perfecting it. We no longer have hope that modern humanity will become hostile to techno-industrial civilization, as it seems now more than ever that they applaud every technological advance that brings them closer to the future they imagined when they were children: yes, that one with flying cars and robot servants. The only thing is that now there has been a slight change – now humans serve the machines, their bodies find themselves enslaved to them.Their minds are now unable to separate themselves from their electronic devices that allow them to plan their day on social networks. “The human,” that being who for many is the most intelligent, the superior being among all of the profane species, is now the slave of its own inventions. And in their anthropocentric vision, the destruction of other species and Nature itself is no big deal, as long as future technological development continues to occur.

In spite of tremendous technological advances and the artificial present that aims to reinforce and perfect it in the near future, there are those of us who have decided to declare war on that human progress that tends toward total artificiality. We oppose it as it seeks to live in a world where gray techno-industry destroys every trace of Wild Nature. We have decided to reject the life that civilization has prepared for us. From birth the human being is formed under those values which techno-industrial civilization considers “good”. We reject these concepts of good and evil. We abide by neither the idea nor practice of morality. That is why when we see human beings striving to destroy nature and building the artificial in its place, we don’t feel any scruples in attacking them. This war isn’t for the human species, and neither do we seek the restructuring of social relations. We don’t want humans to love nature. This is a war against the human and its many concepts, representations, and institutions. That is to say, it is a war against civilization in its entirety.


Through a multiplicity of tools, techno-industrial civilization has overridden the capacity for criticism in the minds of the hyper-civilized. It’s second-nature for them to wake up, drive to work or school, work, drive back home, sleep, each and every single day without questioning anything whatsoever. There is no question as to what modern humans have turned into. Maybe they feel very much alive and full of joy. We only see them as automatons. They are only waiting for the next tendency that civilization imposes on them without questioning or opposing it. And of course they don’t notice that, in carrying out what civilization commands by various means, they are destroying the Earth and all that lives on it. But the hyper-civilized only care if they have their beer and virtual reality. What are the devastation of the forests and jungles to them if they are riding around in cars and admiring their myriad of cell phones. They don’t care at all about any of it. So then, why should we care at all about their pathetic lives?

To echo what our blood brothers of the “Indiscriminate Faction” and the “Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group” (who are also members of ITS) said in their Eighteenth Communique:

Since human beings have become sedentary, they have condemned themselves to extinction. This world doesn’t need more humans. It doesn’t need for the human being to keep living in it. To see a more beautiful world, the human being must go extinct. We know that this is far off, even though it is still possible. We know that we personally will not get rid of the human masses, but as long as we’re walking the Earth, we’ll try to kill off the greater part of the human masses that we can. That’s why we attack the most affluent neighborhoods.”

The world does not need people. No person working in environmental issues will be its savior. The human being is not the savior of the Earth, he is its destroyer. The modern human so insists on playing God that he will use any means necessary to do so. Now his innovative sciences are positioning the modern human closer to becoming “God”, so much so that he feels that he is becoming one or already feels divine. For this he employs nanotechnology and biotechnology, the new sciences that appear with their humanist banner to “save” humans from chronic illnesses and to achieve better quality of life through technological innovation. But the modern human is so programmed that he doesn’t even try to question science. It is not by any means innocent, special interest is behind it. One look and we can reflect on how that “more comfortable” life that science promises is in reality artificiality in all that exists. Communication in this modern society has become “easier” with the emergence of social networks but what has been the result of this? Numerous hyper-civilized people who can’t walk two steps without looking at their cell phone’s screen. So in exchange for a “convenience” there comes an activity that tends toward the artificial. We thus ask: How real are these communications with another person on social networks? Is this “convenience” that these Smartphones offer addictive? In exchange for the “convenience” there is a dependency on the object that offers it.

As we wrote previously, civilization has the life that the modern human will live already planned out. All of the structures of civilization work so that human beings are totally docile and obedient. One of the most important structures, at least in Mexico, that allows civilization to follow its course is the Church. The Church contributes to civilization as a tool of submission through the spread of morality and fear of God. For over five hundred years, it has told people what is good and evil. For over five hundred years it has stepped on the deities of the ancient natives and has placed the Western God in the beliefs of the people. Their Western God doesn’t scare us, we seek to keep the beliefs of the ancient natives alive. These beliefs will not be understood in the minds of the Westernized modern humans. As our ancestors did, we infiltrated their churches and we left something that will remind them that we mock their God:

-On December 20th and 30th, 2016, we left two incendiary devices in a church located in downtown Torreón, one with a homemade fuse and other other activated by a timer. We don’t know what happened to these. It’s more than likely that the attacks were frustrated, and the presence of both devices was silenced by the press and the authorities.


We hate the “entrepreneurial” discourse that many modern humans adopt with the end of achieving their banal desires that drive civilization forward. These include such goals as buying a nice car, a nice house, getting the biggest and most expensive watch, and last but not least, achieving economic success. On this occasion we decided to attack a little-known company in Mexico, though it is growing by the day. Namely, we speak of the Sanki Corporation, a business that pushes consumption and the perfecting of nanotechnology and biotechnology through its “miraculous” products which will assist the hyper-civilized person to improve their “quality of life.” It seems that the company leaders can’t be more nausea-inducing with the entrepreneurial discourse that they employ. This makes it evident that that only thing that matters to them is to generate more and more profit through the incredulity and idiocy of others. What is the harm that nanotechnological progress causes to Wild Nature to Fabián Meléndez, Jaime Ortega, Gerardo del Castillo and María Cassasa? It’s more than clear that they don’t care. What respect can we have for the life of someone who proclaims to love their iPad Tablet? Yes, we’re talking about you, Castillo and Cassasa. You members of Sanki better watch out. Hopefully no eco-extremists have already attended the “Summits” you organized and you didn’t even notice.

-On February 1st, 2017, many units of the police were mobilized in Torreón Coahuila. The motive: there is an alert of a bomb in a commercial plaza. By means of this communique we take responsibility for placing the package-bomb that generated this mobilization.The press lies as usual when an attack against the daily order of society is involved. The “Siglo de Torreón” mentions that it was a fake bomb. We are here to refute that version. The package was directed to explode upon its opening by the director of Sanki in Torreón: Fabián Meléndez. It was for that reason that the device was abandoned outside the Sanki offices. Unfortunately the package was found by someone who advised the security forces and it is more than likely that they deactivated it. This had nothing to do with a fake bomb, this one was real. Why did the municipal police not wait for the arrival of the SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense) and opted instead to leave the place with the package? Clearly the version about the fake bomb is a more convenient story as the elections approach. Meléndez deserved an exploding package with the rusty nails inside piercing his body. This time it didn’t work, but let it be remembered by those who attack the Earth in the name of progress and success that this isn’t over.

We will continue to conspire and attack. Eco-extremism is expanding. Hidden in the cities and all the way to the furthest mountains we feel the roar of the wild within us. To the final consequences, until they kill the last eco-extremist, but keep this in mind: Wild Nature will avenge itself!

For the extreme and indiscriminate defense of Wild Nature!

Let the package-bombs multiply!

For the terror and death of the hyper-civilized!

For the expansion of eco-extremism and true nihilist terrorism!

Complicity and an embrace to the members of ITS Chile, Jalisco, Mexico City, Mexico State, Brazil, and Argentina!

Complicity of blood with the nihilist terrorists in Italy!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Torreón

Flint Blade Clandestine Clan

Torreón, February 2017



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