Ajajema: Against Human Progress from the South

Available in Spanish at this link.


Ajajema was an evil spirit of the savage Kawesqar (Alacalufes), one of the many hunter-gather tribes of Patagonia. He had a dreadful and violent reputation. He had the forces of nature at his disposition, such as the wind which overturned boats and the flames that started fires. He was feared because he was thought to be the cause of illness, accidents, and death.  During the day he resided in the swamps and at night he lurked  on the coasts looking for a victim on whom to inflict tragedy.

That was Ajajema for the savages of Tierra del Fuego. This is the horrible pagan god we rescue from deepest forgetfulness. He is the spirit after which we name this new eco-extremist magazine.

In this manner, in the name of all of the Southern primitive spirits, and in savage remembrance of their lives, this new editorial effort emerges from the shadows and comes out into the light. It bears a special name taken from the unique mysticism of the Fuegians: “Ajejema: Against Human Progress from the South.”

With greatest pride we present it as creators of this new project against civilization in the name of all that is hidden, ineffable, and ancient.

This is an eco-extremist, nihilist, and criminal publication compiled from the untamed lands of the South. This magazine comes at a time of ferocious attacks, new publication projects, and the consolidation of the ITS international project. This new editorial project seeks to violently empower the current war against human progress that brave individualists of action wage. This is a propagandistic effort that emerges from the deep affinity formed by valued accomplices.

In its first issue, Ajajema contains pieces concerning the memory of primitive wars that natives waged to defend their land and way of life. There are also pieces that remember initiation rituals of the savages of Tierra del Fuego, as well as their mysticism and paganism. We also mention contemporary armed groups, learning from them and taking away valuable lessons.

These are essays that remember but also ones that exhort and incite violent conflicts against the technological system and all human progress. We are a complex network of individual apologists for “Evil” and the politically incorrect, promoters of chaos and disaster. We cheer on the fight to the death against the civilized mega-machine, also the sharpening of the war against the modern world of cement and steel.

Each of us has felt a call of the wild beating in our hearts when we touch the earth. We feel it in the wind, on the hills when the sun sets, and when the moonlight takes its place. Interested readers, do you also feel it? Have you felt this call? If so, this magazine and these words are directed at you.

From this venue and in this first editorial we send a warm embrace to all of friends who have contributed interesting texts. They should know that reading their words brightens our spirits.

To our good buddies over at Regresión Magazine for their exquisite attention to detail and for being an inspiration. To  “Místico y Maldito”, to “Espíritu Tanu”, to “Malviviente”, to “Mefisto”, to “Orkelesh”, to “Huehuecoyotl”,and many more…

The publication of Ajajema is the manifestation of the sentiments of different aligned homies who live down in the southern lands.

For the ancient ones, Ajajema was the name of disaster and desolation, and it means the same to us. May the cities and their structures shake before the coming of Ajajema. Let them find out that this evil spirit has come back to life and he is stalking the city with a thirst for vengeance.

May civilization and the hyper-civilized flee terrified before the hidden power of Ajajema. May his curses fall against the innovators and those who sustain human progress. Modern man and his progress have seriously harmed the Earth, and they have awakened the evil spirits vomiting curses of death and chaos.

For Ajajema has awakened from his long sleep. He has awakened furious and with his mouth full of curses against civilization. He has awakened and noticed that the swamps where he lived are now covered with a thick layer of cement. He has awakened to see that the coasts where he stalked no longer divide the mountains, now they are covered by large masses of concrete.

Learning that those masses were the new houses of man, he has decided to burn them as he had once burned the huts of the ancients. There are fires without number. He has decided to knock down the new houses of man. For years he has commanded large waves from the ocean, he has destroyed hundreds of houses. His patience is eternal, he has the entire ocean at his command. He’s only waiting for the right moment.

With “Ajajema”. With all of the evil spirits of the sisters” Tanu “and “Xalpen”. With the Selknam Moon-Woman. With the pagan deities “Kawtcho” y “Mwono” of the Alacalufes. With the warlike spirits of the Mapuches transformed into “Pillanes”, with “Nguenechen”. With all that is ancient and ineffable, encouraging the war against civilization and progress.

Ajajema, Summer 2017


Table of Contents:

-Editorial: “Grupo Ajajema”.

-Cold (Translation by “Mefisto” from the Italian text “Glaciale”, written by “Orkelesh”)

-The Mapuche War Against Civilization during the arrival of the Westerners. By Místico y Maldito”, “Espíritu Tanu”, and “Malviviente”.

-Pessimist by “Huehuecoyotl”.

-The Paraguayan People’s Army, Can we learn anything from them? By “Andino”.

-I write you. By “Huehuecoyotl”.

– A little look toward the past: The old Fuegians. Taken from “Los Fueguinos” by Martín Gusinde.

-In memory of Angela.

-In memory of Kiepja.

-A domicilio. By “Talibán Sureño”.





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