Twenty-First Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

In my opinion the human race should be annihilated… Given that I think that the human being is the greatest enemy of nature… and for that reason we deserve our own extinction.”

-Mauricio Morales

Ha! You thought that the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile disappeared? Um, no! We were only stalking with the wise patience of the old ones, hatching plans in the shadows. We were whole as we wandered in the mountains and rivers, but sad in the cities, in order to come back with an “unprecedented” attack.

As we stated in our fifth communiqué:

“Take heart, remain calm, go about as if we don’t exist. Just don’t complain when you see our arrows pointed at you.”

Take heart progressive innovators of the technological system, workers, executives and scientists. ITS-Chile has left the common “revolutionary” morality behind. We aren’t worried if people come out dead or injured during an attack. That’s more than clear.

Our attack is one in the name of the wild and unknown. It is an eco-extremist attack, feverously egoist and against civilization in its highest expression. It is also an act of terror against the hyper-civilized who represent the devastation of the Earth. Their giant open air mines are evidence of the taunts of human progress against Wild Nature.

For decades now, Codelco, the largest mining company in the world, has been charged with the devastation of the Earth. It is assigned to rob its minerals in pursuit of the absolute perfection of civilization. Maybe they thought that the cries of the mountain abused by its machinery would go unheeded by us? Maybe they thought that we would not listen to the fearful cries of the trees?  No. Our ears have heard the call of the Wild, that is why our hands attacked.

We are the cry of vengeance of the mountains that encircle Codelco’s tombs. The fallen snow there curses all of the wretched people who work on those structures. And we mean all of them. For from the old woman who cleans the floors to the truck drivers to the most highest rungs of managers and owners, they are all part of the subjugation of the Wild.

Our explosive gift was for the devastation that Codelco has been carrying out in the southern lands. That is how our aim focused on the president of the board, Óscar Landerretche. The famed economist is at the head of the major project of devastation of all that is beautiful on Earth. With great pleasure we learned that the device exploded and wounded the economist. This past year he announced the creation of “CodelcoTec”, a subsidiary that uses the highest level of technology, including robotic; technologies that enable them to get to places they had heretofore not imagined they could reach.

Codelco is the human civilized project squared, a pioneer in technologies that spearheads economic cooperation between countries. One of these collaborations is the company BioSigma, which is a conglomerate with JX Nippon Mining and Metals Co. Ltd. (a Japanese company) that pursues the implementation of biotechnology in a plant that produces “lixiviant biomass,” Mining Industry Robotic Solutions (MIRS), and a long list of other projects. This just causes us even more disgust and was one of the primary motivations for our attack.

We had thought of sending the package to one of his happy colleagues, but knowing that he was president of the board, we were encouraged and we pinned down his location. This guy, this one who is the representative of all that we have described above, what did he expect? That we were going to leave his most important position alone as if nothing was happening? No, no. no. His scars and his fright will always remind him of the initials: ITS.

For that reason, what are wounds on his arms and stomach compared to the wounds that Codelco has inflicted on the Earth? Nothing! Without doubt, this is only little of what these bastards actually deserve. It also seems that the maid was also wounded, and the little daughter suffered ear trauma. It’s still very little.

Of course these modern humans are super-predictable. It only took us two days to figure out where he lived, which we found on Codelco’s own webpage, wow (it looks pretty in the photo). Our accomplices arrived with the information and more, and we went to work. And yes, we were able to come right into the neighborhood without problems.

The package bomb was made of a homemade galvanized tube. It was filled with match head powder to make it detonate (you’d be surprised how powerful that stuff is). Inside were a dozen screws, and by this we obviously wanted to inflict the greatest harm to the target possible. (We hoped that he would open it at head level and that a screw would get embedded in his skull thus killing him.) And in that manner, we were not taken aback by death nor did we see it as a “bad” thing. We distinguish ourselves significantly from the humanists who see these sort of things as “evil.” Among these people are some crybaby anarchist radicals who condemn all death as fascism, animal cruelty, whatever!

This clarification is a bit repetitive but that’s appropriate. We are not an anarchist group, that ideological motivation does not move us, nor does any other. We are pleased by the attacks of some eco-anarchists. We are a Horde of eco-extremist savages, nihilists and egoists. We are for total chaos in civilization and the proliferation of criminality.

This attack was not a political act. Politics do not interest us. We are rabidly anti-political individuals. We don’t give a shit about social struggles and their leaders. We shit on the citizenry and the people who are accomplices to the techno-industrial system. We don’t aim to denounce Codelco with this attack. We don’t want them to start using electric trucks or solar panels. We don’t want them to dump slightly less toxic waste. We don’t want them to be socially responsible with regards to the environment. None of that. This attack was not the product of mentally unbalanced people. We are in full control of our faculties when we act. We are ready to accept the final consequences of our actions. For you humanists, maybe we are crazy. If being sane is to act like you and passively accept all of this civilized garbage, there is no doubt then: we’re the craziest people in all history. This was an attack of Wild vengeance, in the name of the Earth that dies because of human progress.

Friday the 13th of January in the era of the crucified, at 10 in the morning, we entered one of the offices of the Chilean post office (we would tell you which one, but we won’t so that the surveillance devices do their job, and the workers can masturbate while they review dozens of offices. By that time we will be in the land of the Selk’nam.) After a short wait, there as a “Hello, I’d like to send this package.” From there the only thing we said afterward was “Thank you.” This stuff is so cool that if you pay more they’ll deliver the package the same day. Sure, we took out three bills more and, yep, it could be delivered that afternoon. And well, after the wounds of that bastard and the chaos in the media, in the end…

We are not a new group. We carried out a frustrated incendiary attack against the geeks of the FCFM which made us anxious. This time it wasn’t fire and it didn’t fail. The Horde threatens and attacks, let that be clear. Today we copied one of the package bombs sent by ITS-Mexico. Be aware that sooner rather than later we will copy their stabbings and shootings!

With all of this, our plan B if he didn’t receive the package was to re-send it to a distinguished professor at the already mentioned department since we had already used his name as the sender. This guy ended up being Landerretche’s buddy since he taught in the mining engineering department.

We return to our hiding places like rabbits to their warrens. We are silent like the bird searching for food, and ferocious like the fangs of the fox on its prey.

Our thoughts in the attack were with the spirits of the Savages of Tierra del Fuego: with the Selk’nam, the Yamana, the Kawesqar, the Haush. Possessed by the pagan deities, we have attacked once more. The accursed Patagonian demons covered us with their blessing. In the name of all of those Savages, their deities and rites, their mountains and lakes: WE WOUNDED THE PROGRESSIVIST OF CODELCO!

The dances of the young Klóketen in the Hain initiation ritual have given us the untamed power of the oceans. Now we dance like you, brothers! We remembered you in the attack and in every instant of our lives.

We send a warm complicit embrace to the killers in Chicomoztoc, to the indiscriminate ones in the Amazonian jungle, to the poisoners across the Andes, to the demonic egoists on the old continent and the indiscriminate arsonists of those lands.

All you progressivists, geeks, and executives, watch you backs, the eco-extremist hand is close by.

May the fog of the accursed lands of the south erase our tracks!

Death to civilization, science, and mining!

Death to their representatives and accomplices!

Long live indiscriminate Wild Nature and every attack against civilization!

Long live our ancestors, their gods, and their pagan mysticism!

For eco-extremist terrorism, for the ITS mafia, be strong individualists!

For the heightening of the war against human progress!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile:

Mystical Horde of the Forest



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