Twentieth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil


“If they don’t respect the Earth neither will we respect their lives.”

 -First ITS Communiqué

“I shit and piss on all of those judges without gavels. I expect for the common citizenry that an infinite number of bombs explode among them, since ‘filthy citizen life is not only found in the barracks.’ I am against civilization and in the citizenry / humanity I find the most civilized target (myself included). These are the ones clinging to progress and who devote themselves to destroying the untamed,”

Kevin Garrido

In the first week of 2017, on Saturday the 7th: we abandoned a backpack that contained two liters of gasoline and a container with one kg of blasting powder full of shrapnel in a crowd in the Plano Piloto bus station in Brasilia. The incendiary explosive device with a mechanical detonator was directed toward as many people as could be reached by the blast. We do not know what happened with the explosive, but it is likely that its presence was covered up by the Secretariat of Public Safety in the Federal District. This is due to not wanting to generate panic in the populace due to the supposed existence of cells of the Islamic State in Brazil. It would be rather embarrassing for the defenders of the citizenry to admit that an explosive was left in a place where around 600,000 civilians circulate per day.

In any case, we assume this and all of the other possible consequences, including the death and mutilation of the common working citizenry.

Some words from the Secret Wilderness Society / ITS – Brazil

The situation is decadent, it rumbles like an earthquake in this tropical country. “Brazil” is going through the most intense crisis in over 30 years, one of the most severe in history. Twelve million are unemployed, some states have failed and have required federal intervention. Criminality is on the rise and the prisons are overflowing, leading to bloody rebellions that kill hundreds. Generalized corruption of the ruling and opposition parties siphons off billions. The “three powers” are in intense political conflict. The drought leaves numberless cities without water. Inflation is rising and the cost of public transportation increases. Austerity measures break in two the infinite hope of the miserable citizenry. Bitter droughts destroy entire crops like plagues. These and many other social, economic, and ecological crises would make for a very long list. The “Brazilian” portion of global civilization is sinking into one of the most severe crises in history. The news announces that better days will not come. This brings desperation that dominates the accursed life of the human mass. This makes us laugh heartily.

Just as ITS has done in Mexico, we of the Secret Wilderness Society will contribute to the course of things and we will push this crisis from bad to worse. We want to push this decadent society over the edge. We will attack indiscriminately all sorts of human and non-human targets in order to create terror and instability. And if it is convenient, we will infiltrate social protests to cause Chaos as was the case with the terrifying march against PEC 55 on the Explanada de Ministerios that surprised many due to its quick transformation. The result was a sea of overturned burnt cars, Ministries that had been overrun and destroyed, graffitied and overturned signs, vandalized monuments and many wounded and arrested. We don’t sympathize with the disgusting social demands of the civil organizations that were present. We merely take advantage of the momentary revolt of the hyper-civilized to generate abysmal situations where the goal is the weakening of the structures of the Techno-industrial System.

The Indiscriminate Faction has affirmed in the eighteenth communiqué and we repeat it here: the human species is condemned to extinction which has been imposed on it by the form of life that it has chosen. In order to see a more beautiful life where the wild can flow, the human race should go extinct. Nothing will be spared in this War. The principle problem is not “political” or “governmental” or involving the State. It isn’t about capitalism, fascism, or communism. It isn’t about authoritarianism, militarism, or hierarchies. It isn’t even about the Techo-Industrial System itself, for even if it is somehow eliminated, Westernized modern humans would work to re-establish progress and maintain the structures of civilization intact. The problem is civilized humanity itself. Even Ted Kaczynski, the “God” of the most radical “anarcho-primitivists,” recognized that even with the end of the Techno-industrial System, civilization would still be left standing. Maybe this would only be in a fragmented form in separate regions. Thus, in order for civilization to be effectively eliminated, the struggle must focus on combating the human race as it is known today. Either way, we eco-extremists don’t believe that our actions will eliminate civilization, and we think that it will succumb to the untamed within itself within some years. While we walk the Earth, however, we will attack until the final consequences to inflict the maximum amount of harm to hasten the demise. The style of life that the modern civilized human adopted has become a cancerous culture. In the past, under the cross and the sword, it colonized a large part of the world. By technology, it has imposed itself on the rest in modern times. One has to accept that NOTHING is free of it. The few native peoples who still exist will be swallowed up by human progress in a few years, and the little Wild Nature that is left will be buried under urban sprawl a short time from now.  The War has thus become against ALL that exists, for even shooting in the air has become an attack against civilization, since the human being has aimed to dominate everything, even the skies. Progressivism will continue and this domination will continue to take control of the human mind through nanotechnology that eradicates our animal instincts completely. The attempt to control all things will end in the human being becoming a robot, resulting in transhumanism similar to what they are constructing in the “Internet of things.” In this all is virtualized, measured, observed, connected, controlled, and contained. Wild Nature and our individual liberty will be completely eradicated. The artificial will prevail within this “cyber-world”. This is the direction in which the world is headed.

We want to make it clear that the decadent masses (the citizenry) are our mortal enemy. The same goes for the scientists, engineers, business people, etc. The common citizen is also responsible for the destruction of Wild Nature, as well as for the advance of human progress. To come to that conclusion, one only has to have recourse to that simple anarchist premise: “All power comes from the people.” And if power comes from the people, is not destruction also from their hands? Yes! “But those people are alienated and distracted, we need to wake them up! They are disorganized, they need grass-roots organizations.” This is what the anarchist superheroes say who can’t even bring together ten people (with allies) on the block. How are they going to do this? Do they have a magic wand? Idiots! The masses don’t care about what they say and they are too busy slaving away at work. They just want to get more money to buy an infinite number of goods that cost thousands of miles of destroyed forests and mountains, numerous contaminated rives, lakes, and oceans, as well as contaminated air and extinct animal species. He knows full well that he lives in an abject state, but he still defends his condition of modern slavery with arms in hand. He’ll even kill to make sure that progress continues on permanently and that the structures of Techno-industrial Civilization keep standing. That is why we get angry when ecologists and anarcho-utopians believe that a revolution of an “organization of the people” can bring about a better and more just world. Real change in our situation is completely impossible and any attempt at it would only reinforce civilization itself. In fact, any “revolution” would keep intact the principle structures for the continuance of human civilization. So for the foolish people who believe this, we say the following: your “classist comrades” at the demonstration in the city of Fortaleza were not beaten enough. Next time they should be killed! They aren’t but a band of drug addicts anyway who talk about how they’re the most radical and angry on social media. But that’s the only place they say that, because they lead a shitty life and they don’t do anything more than drink, take drugs, and complain about this and that according to their disgusting leftist principles.

Nature in this tropical country is also in decline in the Amazon region. In only a few years nothing will be left there, starting from the marvelous Cerrado that is on the brink of extinction. It’s no coincidence that the capital and other states are facing the most severe water crisis in national history. All of this is a reflection of the destruction caused by human hands. The ignorant among the hyper-civilized talk of the lack of investment in infrastructure when the problem is really ecological and is the result of their own activities. Even a person deformed by Down’s Syndrome can use a little piece of their brain to realize that, but the human masses continue to ignore all of it. In the meantime, all beauty fades away and this parasitic place known as the Federal District expands, flattening forests and rivers as was the case at the Pajés Sanctuary.

The accursed mass of civilized humans is accomplice to this decadence, to civilization, it adores the structures of the techno-industrial system and defends them in good faith. This is like a universal religion, maybe the most successful universal religion. The hyper-civilized human being does not deserve mercy, he is only a plague upon the Earth. He is like a cloud of locusts devouring entire landscapes so that nothing remains. Human beings only care about themselves and ignore the wild world. They hate it, they will never leave it alone or return to it. They will simply try to dominate it to feed human progress and expand artificiality. This is the inarguable goal of the civilized human, but it is also his greatest error. Human beings can sweep all of that is wild off the face of the Earth and affirm that they won the war, but sooner or later, sudden disasters will bring all of it down. Wild Nature will return to finish off the human race as it did the civilizations and empires of the past. We have decided to remain on the side of the untamed and wage war from there.

Indiscriminate like Wild Nature reacting, we will go about massively killing and attacking. We will attack humans and non-humans. We will alternate our attacks with natural disasters, declaring that the civilized human will always be our enemy.

We have a savage inheritance from our warrior ancestors. We affirm that we will continue the War against out principle targets, the Techno-industrial System and its intellectual mentors; as well as against those who finance its structures. We speak specifically of scientists, engineers, humanist philosophers, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, educators, architects, business people, technologists, etc. Now more than ever, we will continue to harm and kill common citizens indiscriminately. Any technophile should equally succumb to the vice of their own decadence.

To conclude, since we have gone on long enough in this communiqué, we hope that the head is torn off from the false eco-extremists who have been exposed by the communiqués of ITS-Mexico. For those who do not know, we refer to the false groups, “Shadows of the Forest” and “Guamera Eco-extremist War”. May the blood of those deceivers flow!

For indiscriminate terrorism against the Techno-Industrial System and the Citizenry!

Death to the moral of attack!

Watch out common citizens, scientists, educators, business people, investigators, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, programmers, technicians, chemists, architects, farmers, public officials, students, humanists, leftists, and any other techno-geek, any technophile, any progressivist, because we will be wading in civilized blood in this new Gregorian year!

Terrorizing and killing like the Caetês y los Tupinambás!

Violent like the Ka’apor defending their ancestral lands

 “Chaos is a precipice, it is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never try again. They fall in defeat. And some have an opportunity to climb it, but they refuse. They remain in the kingdom, in the gods, in love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real, the ascent is all that exists.”

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Wilderness Society

 Center-east Pindorama, overcast sky.

January 2017.



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