Seventeenth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild / Pagan Sect of the Mountain

“We attack indiscriminately and at various levels. If the target merits an attack against actual persons, we will carry it out without consideration for that collateral damage. If the target only merits material-symbolic destruction, we will not hesitate to act.”

September 2015 (1)

Many winters have passed since we have started to stalk and attack the Alien, always covered in the protection of the Hidden. Our word even if relatively silent was patient and now we take it up again.

Under criminal eco-extremist complicity, this time we are accompanied by the fierce members of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) for the purpose of unleashing indiscriminate attacks and experiences. These have strengthened our individuality in terrorist matters, so we hereby claim responsibility for past and present acts:

-March 23rd, 2016: We are surprised by the “thoroughness” of the press in mentioning us in its notes when a pair of Federal henchmen foiled our attack against the infrastructure of civilization (as well as those who pass over it). Namely, we speak of the overpass at the 22nd kilometer + 500 of the External Circuit of Mexico State, between the municipalities of Tultepec and Zumpango (2).

On that occasion, the press published:

“… when members of that specialized corps of the CESC arrived in the area and did a preliminary examination, they informed that the plastic bags contained various highly dangerous explosives…”

“Member of the tactical group stated that the above-cited explosive devices are similar to those that exploded and caused severe damages to various Mexibus buses in Ecatepec this past October of 2015 (3). Thus it is suspected that those responsible for this most current illicit act are the same criminals. This situation they stated has meant the start of a series of investigations to identify, locate, and arrest these delinquents. It is evident that they were trying to carry out another one of their crimes.”


Well, the reporters and the police took the words right out of our mouths. In any event, we the delinquents take responsibility for this act. Of course, due to the delicate nature of this matter and since they (again) failed to catch us, the authorities had to deny ALL of what they had declared to the press that day (4).

-October 13th, 2016: The Metro Hidalgo Station in Mexico City during rush hour was the scene of dozens of automaton commuters inhaling the smoke of their disgusting capital city (5). According to the press, three people required medical attention due to smoke poisoning. We caused the smoke using a simple incandescent device that we turned on some stations back and this had the intended effect in this station, as this was one of the stations most densely occupied by the masses we wanted to terrorize. With this we state three things:

-One, that this action WAS NOT A TECHNICAL MALFUNCTION as the press stated (6) employing the same old excuse when they try to cover up ATTACKS.


-Two, the docile attitude of the modern human being was quite surprising. Many of those affected had no reaction to the situation, not even when they saw smoke coming out of the platform, even when they were in an enclosed area. Many preferred to stay and wait to be evacuated without any concern for their physical well-being. The modern human (of any society) has become so useless that he is accustomed to someone coming and telling him what to do. In all aspects of their miserable lives, and in this case as well, the metro authorities had to come to tell them to evacuate the station. If they hadn’t done that, more people would have been poisoned by the smoke.


-Three, it is not unexpected that we could cause such chaos on the metro using such a simple device. We have already experimented with this back on May 25th, 2015 (along with other individualities) in the same station, and it worked in the exact same way (7).

The shadow of Teotlapan Tlacochcalco Mictlampa (the land of want and death -tr.) has hidden us once again. With this we advance toward the Ineffable, assuming our condition of civilized humans, but at the same time binding ourselves to our most primitive roots.

Complicity with the TRUE eco-extremist groups in Mexico in the Laguna (Coahuila) and the Trails of the Teochichimecas (Jalisco)!

Power to Nihilist Terrorist groups!

Death to the hyper-civilized!

Greetings to the fierce eco-extremist groups in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina!

Long live the Eco-extremist Mafia!

Pagan Sect of the Mountain – Mexico State

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan


1) Primer comunicado de la Secta Pagana de la Montaña.








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