Sixteenth Communiqué of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Translator’s note: As we get tantalizingly close to the publication of Atassa, we are offering in the near future translations that might be of interest to our potential readership. Stay tuned in the coming days for more translations and news concerning our print journal.

The spider web expands. The eco-extremist spider continues on its accursed path. Now it finds itself in the lands to the north, in the middle of the desert where the savage Irritilas once walked. Possessed by the spirits of our ancestors, through the thunder clap that announces the coming of a storm, here we continue the war. Wild Nature has been destroyed, the ideal future is so grey and inert. We attack from this reality. We are individualists waging a war of revenge. We do so in the name of the mountain that was destroyed to make a super-highway, for the flora and fauna destroyed in the name of progress. In our being we hold the essence of the river that disappeared when they built the great dam.

Without any hope for a better world, nor waiting for the coming of revolution, we throw ourselves into the egoist and immoral abyss that is so uncomfortable to the great majority of people. We don’t represent anyone. We aren’t leftists, nor communists, nor anarchists. Their “struggles” don’t represent us. We don’t care about their “demands in the name of the people.” We only feel affinity to those anarchic individualities who wage an egoist war without hoping for a “better tomorrow”. We feel affinity to those who have abandoned utopian ambitions and have confronted civilization with all of the means at hand in the present. We only represent ourselves, our accursed initials represent us. We do not struggle for a collectivist world. That world based on solidarity, mutual aid, and justice will never come. Too bad.

We would be deluded to believe that our war will achieve the fall of civilization. We are not deluded, however, since we are realists. We know full well that civilization reproduces itself day after day. It keeps creating better instruments of domination. One only needs to see one night in the city to notice the reality, the night invaded by artificial lights. The mountains are corrupted by “vacation cabins” which destabilize the ecosystems (as happens in the mountains of Durango), as well as by the numerous “human activities” that destroy the beauty of the Earth.

Moons and suns passed. We have ended our silence. Guided by our savage instincts, we have been made aware of like-minded individualists who wage war in various lands, protected by Wild Nature. In the name of the ancients, we claim responsibility for the following:

-An explosive device placed in a Catholic church in Torreón, Coahuila. Yes, this was the device that was mentioned by the municipal police of Torreón in their declaration after an explosive device was activated at the seat of the PRI in the same municipality. This act was supposedly carried out by the “Rebel Torreón Insurgent Group.” We clarify however that we had nothing to do with the attack on the PRI, nor with that group, nor with anyone with any affinity to them.

-Burning a phone booth of the TELMEX Corporation. In 2015 we did this in broad daylight and some blocks from where marathon runners passed in Torreón, Coahuila.

-A bomb threat against the INE located in front of the Alameda Zaragoza de Torreón in 2015.

-Graffiti against the UAC at the Office of the Autonomous University of Coahuila. We renounce scholarship that seeks to foster the continuance of techno-industrial civilization. This was carried out in the summer of 2015 in Torreón Coahuila

-November 20th, 2014: We infiltrated the demonstration for the finding of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa and committed acts of vandalism outside the municipal presidency of Torreón. The cause of the people didn’t interest us. We weren’t demonstrating solidarity or anything of the sort. We only used the large crowd that day to carry out our actions and generate tension. What a coincidence! Various factions of the now-extinct Wild Reaction did the same on that day in front of the grill of the Zocalo.

A new moon has commenced. Inside of us resounds the call of the coyote. We come closer to it, we put to death a cycle that has given us experience and taught us valuable lessons. We put it to death to begin a new cycle. The war against civilization continues: the desert, the deities of our ancestors, and the accursed initials have possessed our being. With the next action we give life to a new cycle:

-On September 8th, we sent perfume to the engineer Priscila Galván Nevárez, Director of Admissions of the ITESM Laguna Campus. One small detail was that the perfume was filled with acid. This was done to make clear that we have everyone at the Monterrey Institute of Technology Laguna Campus in our sights: students, instructors, and workers are hereby warned.

Some discomforting words

Some weeks back torrential rains fell upon the city of Torreón, Coahuila, creating an emergency situation among the citizens and the authorities. Fears were heightened as the flooding increased and with it the possibility of the overflowing of the Francisco Zarco Dam and the Nazas River. We laughed and celebrated how Nature caused panic among the citizenry. We looked with ridicule on those frightened citizens who helped the forces of order erect barricades so that the river wouldn’t flow into houses. It didn’t take much time for Wild Nature to take its first casualty, a taxi driver caught in the flood. The citizenry’s indignation didn’t wait to make itself felt. But Wild Nature would take two more lives. But remember, “for every action there is a reaction.” Sometimes this reaction is savage. Torreón and its citizens deserve it, those who in practice collaborated with the spread of techno-industrial civilization. You look to the horizon and you see the black artificial hill created by the “socially responsible” Peñoles Corporation, as well as poisoned water, contaminated air, and flora and fauna annihilated by the ceaseless expansion of the city. For all of that… three dead seems very little.

For the extreme defense of Wild Nature!

For indiscriminate and selective attack!

Let “natural disasters” continue!

¡Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

For the expansion of the Nihilist / Eco-extremist Mafia!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Torreón

Coyote Pack Faction


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