REVISED Table of Contents

Unfortunately, we have had a “good problem” of having far too much content for our first issue. We thus present here our REVISED Table of Contents:

  1. Presentation
  1. The flower growing out of the underworld: An introduction to eco-extremism – Abe Cabrera
  1. Apostles and Heretics – John Jacobi
  1. Sighs – Lunas de abril
  1. The return of the warrior – Ramon Elani
  1. The Seris, the eco-extremists, and Nahualism – Hast Hax
  1. Atassa: Lessons from the Creek War (1813-1814) – Abe Cabrera
  1. (Roma Infernetto-“Shit World”) To profane and devour – A member of the Memento Mori Nihilist Sect
  1. Surviving civilization: lessons from the double lives of eco-extremists – Regresión Magazine
  1. Theodore Kaczynski’s Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How, A Critical Assessment – S.
  1. The singing river: A final word to the reluctant

You may be wondering what is to become of the other articles that we have translated and/or prepared. Well, we will be publishing them on this blog before and after the publication of the journal sometime next month. Expect to see the first batch very soon, and stay tuned for other updates as they become available.



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