Proposed Table of Contents

0. Presentation

Part I – “The seed has sprouted, growing toward the sky…”

  1. The flower growing out of the underworld: An introduction to eco-extremism – Abe Cabrera
  2. Editorial – Regresión no. 1
  3. Editorial – Regresión no. 6 – ITS: The Invisible Menace
  4. Apostles and Heretics – John Jacobi
  1. Interlude: Sighs – Lunas de abril

Part II – The long war against civilization

  1. The return of the warrior – Ramon Elani
  1. Chichimecas at War – Regresión Magazine
  1. Lessons left by the ancients: The Battle of Little Big Horn – Regresión Magazine
  1. Interlude: Knives in the shadow – Lunas de abril
  1. Atassa: Lessons from the Creek War (1813-1814) – Abe Cabrera
  1. The Seris, the eco-extremists, and Nahualism – Hast Hax
  1. Interlude: (Roma Infernetto-“Shit World”) To profane and devour – A member of the Memento Mori Nihilist Sect

Part III – “We’re not activists, we’re criminals”

  1. Editorial – Regresión no. 3
  1. Indiscriminate Anarchists – Seminatore
  1. Arson attack for Nihilist Terrorism – Nihilist Sect of Free Death
  1. Interlude: Today – XXV//X
  1. Surviving civilization: lessons from the double lives of eco-extremists – Regresión Magazine

    18.   Interlude: To the mountains – Lunas de abril

Part IV – Review

 19. Theodore Kaczynski’s Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How, A Critical Assessment – S.


  1.  The singing river: A final word to the reluctant

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