“I hope that an infinite number of bombs explode against the citizenry”

Translated from Maldición Eco-extremista

“Human jails were made to contain those whose impulses, reactions, and instincts made them incapable of living in society in a peaceful way. The technological system has an essential role to play in the penitentiary structure. There would be many more prison breaks if not for the security cameras, motion detectors, drones, electric fences, etc. One could thus quickly conclude that the object of one’s critique should not be prisons per se, but the giant technological corporations that ensure that prison really is a detention facility for those who are dangerous to the system.

Civilized life, sedentarism, to live with an abnormally large number of unknown people cooped up in the city, the frustrations, the artificial needs, the seeking of upward mobility, ‘stress’, junk food that poisons the blood, and many other things are actions that merit a reaction. Some people manifest this reaction by disregarding the legal structures and seeking out illegal activities. But this all comes back to the principle of causality, to action / reaction. If you live in civilization, no doubt that you will be affected by this way of life.

Although we have to say that we too detest human prisons, the physical place as well as the domineering people who work there and the quarrelsome prisoners. They’re awful places.”

Interview with Wild Reaction October 2015

The Eco-extremist spore flies and lands in the disturbed and untamed minds of those who have ceased to believe in the fairy tale of revolution. The spore plants itself in the heads of individualists who detest the masses, who long to see everything burn… those who plant terror to acquire experiences and come out stronger.

The call of the Wild and Ineffable attracts those most capable of hearing it. That is, those who have no problem attacking a target without concern for hurting those complacent slaves who happen to be in the indiscriminate path of the individualist terrorist. This person is a killer by nature. After killing off his or her Western self, his or her Christian-humanist morality, they have the path free of obstacles to enjoy each one of their acts. That is, to proceed with the attack and become a wild animal in search of its prey.

This modern epoch is full of humanist sentiments, as well as suffocating and vomit-inducing morality. It is a shame that this sickness has come to infest the minds of those who “attack” the system. They place bombs, commit arson, and rejoice in destruction, but when things get out of hand, they bow their heads in shame and act as if nothing happened. Their courage is hypocritical. They criticize our position that advocates indiscriminate and selective attacks. We eco-extremists are honest, we don’t feel shame at calling ourselves “terrorists.” We are provocateurs and we shit on the moral values of “revolutionaries.” And we don’t have any remorse when we blow people up who are next to our egoic target. Not even close!

In this modern era, it would seem that many anarchists (though not all) cast out of their physical and virtual churches those who favor eco-extremism, or those who have an affinity with the ITS Mafia; a Mafia that has expanded throughout the Americas with ferocious allies in Europe and Asia. It seems like it’s a sin to even mention our names. To those individualists who find themselves in this situation, we say, hide yourselves, form secret societies, don’t let the Anarchist Inquisition trap you, attack!

Sure, there are some who are hidden, but others are not. And it is here into the polemic that is caused by eco-extremist words and deeds, another person enters…

Just this past November 27th, on the “superstar” anarchist site, Contrainfo, was published a communiqué of the scandalous prisoner Kevin Garrido, currently imprisoned in Jail 1 in Santiago, Chile. For some time we have read his letters from prison and his complicity has felt a bit symbiotic, as in his April 9th letter when he wrote:

 “To those critics, judges without gavels who judge and criticize those who entered that church, I send my infinite hatred. From here and not from anonymity I say that I consider them my enemies. They are the same as those who sat in judgment (if not exactly the same) against those who put planted an explosive device in a house in the La Reina neighborhood in 2011 (which unfortunately didn’t explode), and that threatened to blow up a school. The same as those who sat in judgment of an action in Macul con Grecia in 2013, where they threw Molotov cocktails at a Transantiago bus that ran their barricade and where people from the bus were “affected” by the vengeful and beautiful fire. They are as idiotic as those who claimed to be the ‘Macul Blockade’ arguing that those who attacked the bus weren’t the real blockade, ha! For sure some miserable university folks criticized. They are the same as those who criticize / criticized (even from other parts of the world) the bomb in the Metro Military School in 2014, where many bystanders were wounded and a woman “suffered” the amputation of her fingers; and some months later she would parade her mutilated hand on television. They are the same as the judges who cried for the death of those who lit a bank on fire during a demonstration in Greece, which resulted in the bank being reduced to ashes with three workers inside. We could go on giving a thousand more examples. I shit and piss on all of those judges without gavels. I expect for the common citizenry that an infinite number of bombs explode among them, since ‘filthy citizen life is not only found in the barracks.’ I am against civilization and in the citizenry / humanity I find the most civilized target (myself included). These are the ones clinging to progress and who devote themselves to destroying the untamed, all for the filthy and disgusting plastic called money.”

So much was our affinity with this passage that we included Garrido’s words as the end of our polemic, “Our response is like an earthquake, it comes sooner or later,” of June of this year.

But his most recent communiqué (which we produce again here below) presented us with a pleasant surprise not just for what it says, but also for the context in which the development has come to pass.

Kevin, still in prison, is accused of three bomb attacks. He is facing more than 30 years of prison, with an anarchist movement that wants to “reply” in a “decent” way. He concludes his communiqué with a thunderous:

 “For the Immoral and Indiscriminate! Long live Terror, explosions, and fire!

Death to civilization and all human progress!

This rhetoric not only had an impact on those who are familiar with this particular case, but also on those anarchist groups that felt that their discussion of the idea of Indiscriminate Attack stopped once they ceased publishing ITS and other eco-extremist communiqués on their blogs and websites, HA!

The words of Kevin Garrido imprint themselves in the traditionalist mind of those who shouted to the four winds to anyone who could hear, “eco-extremist indiscriminate attack is for psychos!” His words break the established ideas of those who supposedly pretend to oppose all that is established. They make the eyes of well-intentioned “revolutionaries” bug out of their head when they read them.

It is for that reason that we admire Kevin Garrido even in his situation as a prisoner. With so many things against him, he has had the BALLS to express himself without fear of reprisals. He has confronted the consequences of his actions just as they are, facing down the enemy.

Spitting always in the face of the jailers!

Fire, gunpowder and bullets against civilization!

In jail, in the street, in the forests, the jungle, the deserts, and mountains, WAR!

ME (Maldición Eco-Extremista)


The text of the indomitable Kevin Garrido of Santiago Jail 1

November 27th, 2016

I am writing late at night, at least for me since day after day I wake up at 7:30 a.m. after a restless sleep to see the gray concrete and the large security gates.  Even so it is the best time to write what I feel. I only try to hear the prisoner who “praises the Lord,” a music that I don’t like but I don’t mind it, and a sound that I detest that I have had to hear so often: the consuming slamming shut of metal.

I was in solitary seven months in the Maximum Security Prison. Through my petitioning, five months ago I was transferred to Santiago Jail 1 after long and disgusting hearings when I was placed in Unit 16 for repeat prisoners, only to be transferred to Unit 25 (also for repeat prisoners) after several incidents. This is where I currently find myself until the time that another problem presents itself, which would probably cause the jailers to move me to yet another unit.

I have been in captivity almost a year, and my mind and body have felt severely out of place in this underground imprisoned reality. For those who have not experienced these things first hand, it is impossible to imagine them. I have felt such loneliness for so many months that my hermetic heart has gotten used to the constant threat of the scalpel behind it. Nothing can erase the scars that will be there for the rest of my life. They will be there when I embrace death by taking vengeance for all that they have done to me and mine. What more but hatred and energetic sensations of vengeance can these jailers create, these cowards who hold the keys to “freedom”, with judges and prosecutors deciding one’s fate? What more can be the result of lawyers trying to “defend” you and also having to turn around constantly because a wall is always in your path?  Wouldn’t it be better to adapt to the prison system? Wouldn’t it be better to dodge the problems and swallow your pride and just accept the judicial decisions? Shouldn’t you just let yourself be intimidated by prisoners and jailers who are just as much flesh and bone as you are? NO! That’s not happening in my case. The laws of Power and prison are not what I want and I will do all that I can to carry out my ends.

I am in a unit in which, unlike in the first offense units of 33/34/35 and 11, there exists a kill or die reality, even if I may detest my own human existence as much as those who reproduce it. This is a unit where at minimum five prisoners are killed at the hand of other prisoners. This is a unit that is always being raided by jailers or riot police, a unit controlled by the prisoners and not the authorities. I’ve seen prisoners stabbed, scalded by boiling water, and prisoners beaten on a dark staircase that they have to pass through to get to their cells. I’ve seen one prisoner calmly coming down the staircase one morning with another sticking a knife into his neck. I’ve seen dozens of prisoners jump and stab a guy and throw him out of our unit. I have seen how jailers beat the prisoners until they get bored with it, without being able to do anything about it. I remember being in the same situation as those prisoners. “Security” cameras don’t stop any of it. It’s isn’t pleasant seeing the prisoners killing each other, knowing that we are all in the same situation. We all sleep in the same place, we all eat the same thing, we all “share” the same yard. It’s also not my preferences to resort to using a shank, but “fair fights” don’t exist in here. This unit has 200 prisoners on the same yard, and you can’t be on the good terms with all of them, no matter what they say.

Here it is not merely a matter of being imprisoned and resisting, no. I am not being imprisoned because of a “prank”. I have gained the respect that I have now among the prisoners because that is what I have decided. Nothing of this seeking “solace” in the church in here. Nor will I submit to anyone. I hope that that whole paragraph gives you a clearer picture of what prison is like and what I am facing. It is what every prisoner everywhere lives. My courage doesn’t totally fade and the the war continues…

They confined my brothers’ and sisters’ bodies in cages similar to the one from which I write my hate and pride on this paper. And with this they thought they could intimidate me. I spit a disgusting ball of phlegm in the face of power, and a war to the last consequences has been and is my furious response.

They investigated me, they followed my footsteps and they were able to hunt me down with guns drawn. They showed my face on the television and in the newspapers to defame me with a heap of unthinking idiocies. They falsely classified me as an anarchist and thought that before the large police presence I would bow my head and not respond. They sat me down in one of their viewing cells for six hours to listen to the disgusting words that the prosecutor spewed from his mouth. The judges and prosecutors were hoping to see sad faces when they threatened me and my comrade with dozens of years of prison, but they didn’t expect us to laugh and insult them to their faces. They had handcuffs tightly on me for twenty one hours, and through the pain I continued to twirl a pen in my hand. They aim to destroy me in a maximum security prison and in their solitary confinement cells, but they have not weakened a single one of my thoughts or ideas. I continue to be firm in what I believe and what I want for this repugnant civilized world and its disgusting progressivists. Destruction and freedom are a volcano within me.

A couple of weeks ago (November 11th) I had a hearing concerning additional charges that they would like to accuse me of, namely those tied to a new bomb attack. So to this point, I have been accused of: a bomb attack against the Chilectra Corporation on the Avenida El Parrón (the newest charge), an explosive attack on the Police Academy in San Bernardo, and possession of explosive material and a deadly weapon. These carry a sentence of 38 years in prison (which is what the prosecutor’s office has asked for.) On many occasions I have affirmed without hesitation that I regret nothing, and I am affirming it here as well. This cannot be erased. I am not playing the “victim,” nor do the thousands of pages that the prosecutor takes with him to the hearing intimidate me. Time is time, my freedom will be obtained legally or illegally. I write this clearly and firmly.

I will never suppress in my memory the direct kicks and punches that I landed on the police and their ugly looks of cowardice, my days and nights running with fire in my hands toward authority, the alarms going off in unison as buildings burned to the ground, the citizens running and screaming terrified as a bus burned in the night. The nights when the city resonated with an explosion and the splendor of it spread terror. I will never forget the police running for cover before a rain of gunfire nor the beautiful curve of a 40 millimeter bullet…

“In difficult times we will never abandon the fight. The dogs may bark around us, but their breath will never touch us. We were looking at each other, we confirmed each other in our decisions, we checked to see if our guns were loaded, and we asked our hate and said to ourselves, ‘Let’s go one more time, this time to the end…'”

To my brothers and sisters of years: Joaquín, Manuel and Amaru, all of my strength and energy to you. Not submitting within the damned walls nor outside of them. Natalia: what joy it gave me to find out that you were not longer under tons of concrete. Take care of yourself wherever you are, little sister. Prison isn’t forever.

A warm embrace for every prisoner of war and fugitive.

To the terrorists of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild and the Nihilist Destroyers, to the Anarchists of Praxis, to each incendiary cell and to the warriors in the south of the country who oppose the advance of civilization: a giant greeting overflowing with strength and resistance.

For the Immoral and Indiscriminate! Long live terror, explosions, and fire!

Death to civilization and all human progress!

Kevin Garrido Fernández

Prisoner of War. 

Santiago Jail 1/ Unit 25.

Santiago de Chile.



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