Introduction to an ITS dialogue compilation

The following is the introduction for the pamphlet put out by Revista Regresion consisting of two dialogues entitled, Atltlachinolli: Eco-extremist dialogues:

This publication contains two long theoretical engagements for eco-extremists. The first one is a discussion that took place between Mictlantepetli and a representative of the Wildist ideology, John Jacobi. This discussion addressed various themes which on many occasions have caused significant polemics in certain radical circles. In this dialogue in particular we can point out two such themes: the first is the theme of indiscriminate attack, for which eco-extremists have been categorized as “psychopaths”. Many are confounded by this practice as they are still plagued with the Western morality of non-violence. The second theme is that of the paganism of eco-extremists which many atheistic anarchists have condemned as “mysticism”, as if this were some sort of insult. Our mysticism and animism are not things that we should be ashamed of. To the contrary, we’re proud of them!

“Dialogue between a Wildist and an Eco-extremist” compares and contrasts the two tendencies, as if they are fire and water. They are different elements sharing a place on Earth.

The second text is a conversation of “HH” with the Editor-in-Chief of  Revista Regresión, “Xale”, clarifying various points that are not often addressed in other venues. This dialogue deepens the theoretical understanding of various themes of eco-extremism and analyzes the recent expansion of eco-extremists throughout the Americas, as well as Nihilist Terrorists in Europe, who are allies in blood.

The conversation is thematically rich and realistically gets to the heart of the matter, making it the most important conversation that the tendency has produced until now.

This publication is named “Atltlachinolli”, a Nahuatl word where “Atl” means “water”, and “tlachinolli” means “burnt”. The word specifically references War according to Mexica mythology.

May the spores of eco-extremism be blown by the wind to those places where they must grow!

Full Moon of September 2016



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