Introduction to the compilation of ITS commuiques

Revista Regresión has recently put out an online pamphlet of collected communiques by the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) entitled, Mictlanxochitl: The flower from the underworld that grew in our time. Here we translate its introduction:

ITS Communiques

The Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Individualistas Tendiento a lo Salvaje – ITS) is a group that has grown gradually, emerging with a surprising and threatening presence in various Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, as well as Portuguese-speaking Brazil. Its history is constituted by every individual eco-extremist who forms part of it. With their words and deeds they have come to be dangerous group, one which the authorities as well as some anarchists and other radicals have wanted to silence, especially through the cover up of their acts. The ITS communiques published on anarchist blogs are no more. The blog that had been the original platform for their publication has been deleted by the administrators of Noblogs. They have sought to “isolate” the tendency, but their attempts to “disappear” ITS as well as eco-extremism in general will be in vain. The violent reaction of Wild Nature will always exists: it is impossible to stop it.

The history of ITS lies in its communiques and its attacks, which we present here in this compilation. We hope that intelligent individualists will know how to interpret them and that their warlike ancestors will speak to them as well.

Life to the international eco-extremist conspiracy!

Death to the hyper-civilized!

Let the war continue in spite of any obstacle!

Summer 2016

Revista Regresión


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