Revista Regresión no. 6

Available now in Spanish below. Translation of the Table of Contents:


-The Woman-Moon in Selk’nam society: Taken from Karukinka: Fuegian Journal from 1973

-Sighs by Lunas de abril

-Primitive Tattooing: Rescuing It from Amnesia by Xale

-Accursed Chronology by Grupo Archivíscico Öme

 -Indiscriminate Anarchists: Remembering the anarchist terrorists from the 19th century by Seminatore

-Fragments: On Indiscriminate Terrorism by Nechayevshchina Ed.

-Lessons left by the Islamic State before its collapse by Ghoul

– Arm yourself, individualists, for criminal eco-extremists

-Poems: Shadow knives, Without fear and To the Mountains by Lunas de abril

N.B. Some of these will be translated and will appear in Atassa

Revista Regresión no. 6


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