So an obvious housekeeping note: we aren’t affiliated with ITS or any foreign or domestic eco-extremist organization. We are just people trying to put out a journal on a topic. We don’t advocate that anyone do anything that will get them thrown in jail or worse. That may make us hypocrites or whatever, but if you want to walk the walk, go ahead.

We thus feel within our rights within U.S. law to independently advocate as private citizens for positions that may be extremely unpopular. That doesn’t mean we aren’t being monitored or you won’t be for reading our thoughts. Oh well…

That out of the way, this journal isn’t about “being fair or impartial” toward the phenomenon of eco-extremism. We think that violence is a natural part of life, and often trying to prevent violence is a great means to increase low-level violence such as State domination and general slavery toward the techno-industrial system. So no, we aren’t crying any tears for anyone affected by eco-extremist violence. We aren’t going to tell people from the bleachers how they should “play the game”. We don’t believe that six thousand years of civilized morality should be respected in the least, and neither did we once live in some humanist fantasy land before domestication where people were “generally peaceful.” If you want to ask why the present techno-industrial society only seems to present dead-ends that are only worse options, you should probably look to the “quest for peace” rather than to the small scale violence that has always been “normal” in human society.


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