Thirty-Third Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

a) On professorial insults and blah blah blah

It seems like our 31st communique has hit rather hard, and even the most distant individuals who want our heads have noticed it. They have thus become the same authoritarian monster they want to “eliminate.”

For years we have chosen to not put our finger in the wound and tried to contain ourselves in order to maintain some prudence concerning the lived situation over here. But now it’s time for us to say something about it. Continue reading

Thirty-Second Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

We’ve gotten to the point that wounding people not associated with the target is all the same to us, and more because it takes away the joy of striking at those who we choose. In any case the joy at having caused human suffering and bloody wounds persists.

This time we didn’t go out to strangle, stab, or shoot anyone. We didn’t go out to burn, but we did go out with a package-bomb that was tremendously effective when we abandoned it at one of the institutions most detested by us and our ancestors always thirsty for vengeance. Continue reading

The Anarchist Myth

Note: The following has been translated elsewhere on the Internet. However, we have chosen to edit the translation comparing it to the original Spanish. -Tr.

I) Dismantling the myth

“Anything based on the masses, the herd, carries within itself the seeds of slavery. That crowd, which does not self-determine its values, is unable to define its own life.”

Everyone has roots, a past from which through different lived experiences you learn, analyze facts and evolve if you have the capacity for it, or else you are stuck in a loop of mediocrity and pathos. Thus, a portion of the individuals (not everyone!) who today form the nihilist and eco-extremist terrorist groups, including those who write this text, come from the “anti-authoritarian” environments of anarchism or radical leftism.

Having spent in some cases several years within this milieu that is plagued by misery and the miserable, by cowardly hypocrites and moral priests, we know what we are talking about. This is why we think it opportune to present this analysis to clarify why we distance ourselves from the anarchists and their old and obsolete theories. We consider it also important to make clear that NOT ALL people who call themselves anarchists follow the same line of thinking/acting or fit the description that we present. In fact, small circles of anarchists still find affinity with our attitudes, though we know that these are a minority of a minority. Continue reading

Thirty-First Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

“You will be dead very soon, little man, and the world will continue without you. You will be nothing. Everyone will forget your name!

No, in that you are wrong, old woman. We will leave a brand in the city, we are going to spread it like a virus.”


We have learned somewhere that the Europeans of the “anarcho-insurrectionary” blog 325 were going to publish a text criticizing us. But honestly we got tired of waiting for it since they’ve dragged their feet quite a bit in publishing it. Maybe they have not yet left the assembly where they formulate their ideas, or maybe they are preparing to go on their anti-globalist vacation at the G20 summit in Germany that is happening soon. In the end, only Saint Bakunin knows, so what follows is what we feel has to be said in response to the referenced anarchists. We take up this medium again to do so, though to be honest, we don’t expect much from them or anything positive about us. To be sure they’ll come up with the usual shit: that we’re “fascists,” that we “turned our back on anarchy,” maybe they’ll have a call-out to condemn us like the good judges they are (though they deny it); the same boring things that today’s anarchists do against us. So then the following: Continue reading

Ajajema No. 2 Editorial

The South is now cold. Temperatures in the lands at the end of the world fall. The sun barely shows itself, it is covered by black clouds full of water. They stand there ready to soak the ground.

In this manner a new cycle begins for the Earth, a natural majestic cycle that modern humanity calls, “winter”. This is a process of Wild Nature that is feared, even hated and cursed by some stupid humans. They classify this as “bad weather.” This is a Wild cycle feared by civilization as a whole, since its misfortune strikes against all progress. The cities tremble with every drop of rain, with each snow storm and morning frost that covers the Earth. Structures are helpless against its majestic force, roads are changed into rivers in an instant, rivers overflow their banks, stormy winds shake the cities.

Continue reading

Thirtieth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Let it be known, we have invoked the accursed spirit of the Kawesqar, Ajajema. We have invoked and awakened it. It awoke furious and full of hate for what the modern human has done to the Earth. At each moment it curses the disgusting concrete, its wicked buildings that prevent the view of the horizon, its abundant wheeled machines, but above all it curses with much force that which the human animal has become. It has whispered in our ear that humans deserve death for offending the wild with every breath. We respond that we feel the same way. We have made a blood oath with the spirit and we have promised to act in its name. We seek to revive the pagan spirit of the Fuegians in each of our uncivilized fires. May disaster fall upon civilization and human progress! Continue reading

On the IGD PSA

Estimado Sr. Scott Campbell:

So since we have been given the spotlight in your fatwa on It’s Going Down, noting the obvious sin of our utter lack of anarchism, I felt I might as well respond on behalf of the Atassa project. Not that we aim to convince anyone of anything, far from it. Those who have accepted the Message of Bakunin (Peace Be Upon Him) and somehow don’t know that something that doesn’t claim to be anarchism isn’t anarchism will be relieved of their ignorance by your words. So we are sorry we have lost all of those confused readers and their generous donations to our Patreon… wait a second, we don’t have a Patreon, that’s someone else. Never mind.

So there’s no point in dwelling on this. Neither are we expecting fair treatment here. In this journal, in print and online, we discuss eco-extremism, and eco-extremists are proud enemies of the human race who have an insatiable animus delendi (drive to destroy). We don’t carry out eco-extremist action, and we aren’t cheerleaders for it. We have an indirect affinity for it and that is it. So we don’t expect fair treatment from IGD, or the anarcho-primitivists, or the press, or the authorities, or anyone else for that matter. You should hate the eco-extremists, and us by extension. We are worse than Hitler. We are worse than eco-fascists. Nevertheless, we aim to show your inconsistencies just in case you think we have no reply. On the other hand, we won’t spend a lot of time on this, because why bother, really? Continue reading